Create a Buzz with Video Marketing for Dentists

It really is a video world with businesses using video marketing to spread the good word about their brand. Moreover, dental practices have a huge opportunity to alter people’s perceptions when it comes to dentistry.

Implementing educational, entertaining and thought provoking videos into your overall digital marketing strategies is the best way to inform patients and potential ones.

6 Tips That Can’t Miss

1. Be Natural in your Dental Videos

Be as natural and as relaxed as you possibly can. If nerves get the better of you, relax, take a deep breath, enjoy the moment and drink some water. This is a must, especially if you are going live. Don’t forget, viewers can tell if you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera,.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

If you have never put yourself in front of the camera, give it a go. Try a practice run and watch the results. If you aren’t happy with what you see, try a different approach. Watch other dental marketing videos and follow their lead. Practice really does make perfect, especially when it comes to putting you and your practice out there for the world to see.

3. Add Value to Your Dental Marketing Strategies

What it all boils down to is that you are creating videos to promote your dental practice. If you want your dental content to be viewed, liked, commented on and shared you must add value for patients and potential ones whether the value is promotional or informational. Think about what you consider valuable and go from there when it comes to video marketing.

4. CTA and Dental Marketing

Regardless of the type of video you are shooting you need a strong call to action or CTA. You want your call to action to be subtle yet strong enough so that your viewers know what to do after the video is over. You can invite viewers for a free consultation or another too good to refuse offer such as a free dental cleaning.

5. Be Consistent with Dental Videos

Consistency is the key when it comes to branding your dental practice. Your dental videos need to be the same. Before you begin filming consider all aspects from graphics to sound and background music. Use your logo and incorporate watermarks and titles as well. If you are unsure, contact a professional for video marketing advice.

6. Make Sure Your Work is User and Google Friendly

When you are writing your scripts for your dental marketing videos, pay close attention. You want to write for your audience, but you also want to include relevant keywords. As a result, you will drive traffic to your dental videos. Don’t forget to include those keywords in your titles and Meta descriptions as well.

Video Marketing and Your Dental Practice

If you are unsure where to begin, call; send a text or a direct message to a team member from Dentainment today.

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