Celebrating Valentine’s Day and Lesser Known Holidays

Dentainment loves to celebrate all of the holidays from the big ones like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, to the lesser known holidays such as, “Get a Different Name Day,” on February 13th.

Get a Different Name Day

Get a different name day gives people the opportunity to change their name if they aren’t happy with their birth name. First, middle, and even last names can be changed on the day before Valentines’ Day.

Ask Dentainment about a lesser known holiday calendar for your dental practice

Knowing the lesser known holidays can help your dental practice. You can share fun holidays, like, “Love your Pet Day,” on February 20th with your followers on social media. Have a contest and award the best picture of a patient, or a follower on your social media page with their pet. Instead of chocolates give the winners an oral hygiene kit.

Awarding a follower who is not yet a patient will push your fans who have not yet scheduled a visit into action. Offer incentives to people for encouragement. After all, who wouldn’t want a complimentary dental cleaning just for submitting a picture of their favorite fur family member?

Be Festive

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year and is a fun way to engage your patients. You can decorate your practice with fun Valentine’s Day decorations and give each patient a Valentine thanking them for taking time away from the lover’s holiday to have their teeth and gums taken care of.


Ask your office staff to address each patient with a, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and encourage your team to dress up for the occasion. Having a set of scrubs that depict the holiday spirit will boost the energy in your office and you can bet your patients will feel it too.

Craft Contest

Get your patients in on the act and hold a make your Valentine Craft at home competition. Your patients who follow your social media pages will love posting pictures of their handiwork.

Valentine’s Day Instagram Post

If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you will know how important Instagram can be for your dental practice. Ask your social media fans to create a short video on Instagram telling everyone who will listen what the ideal Valentine’s Day would be like.

It’s all about the Love

Ask your patients to share a photo holding one of your products. Porcelain veneer and dental implant patients will love showing off their new Hollywood Smile. Show off your mechanical toothbrushes and ask your patients to film a video or take photos of the product in action.


Ask your followers on social media to share their love stories. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for your patients to talk about how they met each other.

Valentine’s Day, along with lesser known holidays such as, “No brainer day,” really is a great way to humanize your dental practice.

Ask Dentainment about the holiday calendar and don’t forget to download your Free 32 Marketing Tips for Dentists booklet today.