Celebrate the Holidays with Video Marketing for Dentists

The holidays are here giving you the perfect opportunity to up your video marketing and social media marketing game.


When you take time to perfect your video skills you will see a reward with more likes, comments and shares. Filming patient testimonials and other dental marketing videos during the holidays is fun, especially when you add those videos to your social media pages.

Relax Rewind and Have Fun with Video Marketing

Of course, you do need to relax and enjoy the holidays but also remember that while you may be taking a couple of weeks off from the technology and the business side of dentistry you can still experiment with video marketing and social media marketing for dentists.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV during your vacation, check out the competition on social media. Are they having fun and responding to comments and shares, or are their pages lying dormant. It does take time to keep pages current but it is well worth it in the grand scheme of things.

Plan Your Video Marketing for the New Year

Planning your video marketing strategies for the New Year is fun when you add inventive ideas to the mix. Everyone has different ideas about video marketing for dentists. Talk to your team and find out what they would like to see on the dental practice social media pages.

Make Good Use of the Holidays

In between Thanksgiving and Christmas, go live with your team and your patients. One of the best ways to show your patients you care is with thoughtful live videos in your waiting room.

If you have been considering video marketing for your overall digital marketing strategies talk to a professional video production company. While it’s fun to go live and shoot some videos on your phone, a professional video production company will really give you the edge.

Social Media Marketing and the Holidays

Show how much fun you and your team have and dress in ugly Christmas sweaters the day before you go on holidays.

Get your fans and followers in on the mix and ask them to share their ugly sweaters on your social media pages.

Run a competition between now and Christmas and give a prize to the person who gets the most likes, shares and comments about their ugly sweater. This is an excellent way to increase your audience and your dental flow.

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Dress up for the Occasion

If you really want to get into the act dress up as Santa or Mrs. Claus. Your social media pages will light up with likes, comments and shares. Go one step further and have the team dress up as elves. Having fun is what social media marketing is all about.

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