Business Text Messaging and Your Dental Practice


Business Text Messaging is essential for every dental practice. According to Podium, text messaging is the fastest growing form of communication and the only way to get your message across.


With business text messaging for your dental practice, you can make your team more efficient by checking up on appointments, offering new services, or showing off your new practice with a simple text.

Dentainment explains that one of the most viable ways to promote your dental practice is with a simple text. With 7.5 mobile subscribers around the globe, incorporating business texts into your dental practice is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Is Business Text Messaging Effective for Marketing?

If you have ever heard your patients say they didn’t answer a voice mail left by your receptionist or they don’t answer calls, text messaging is the way to get the point across.

People love the convenience of a text and are more likely to pick up the phone to read it than to answer it. People prefer text messaging to phone calls. With Business Text Messaging, your team can remind patients of appointments or respond to a query. The possibilities are endless for your dental practice.

Growing Numbers with Business Text Messaging

At the beginning of 2018, 95 percent of Americans owned a mobile phone with 77 percent of them having a Smartphone. People in the US, text two times more than when they call. What’s more important is that nine out of 10 potential patients want to communicate with your dental practice, or your competitor, via Business Text Messaging.

If you want to tell your patients about a new promotion or a new service you are offering, Business Text Messaging is the only way to go. Make sure you don’t go overboard though as 83 percent of people who prefer text messages say that two a month is their limit.

Get Business Text Messaging Now

With more than 6 billion text messages sent and received every month in the United States it is evident that text messaging for business is what people want.  Capturing the initial touches with Dental Patients is really important.  This will have a huge impact on your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and greatly increase your overall Dental Marketing Success.

Call Dentainment and step into the 21st century with text messaging for your dental practice. It really will make a difference to your dental flow.

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