Dental Marketing Expert

Brad Newman

Founder & Chief Buzz Officer of Dentainment

He is a leader in marketing and business development for Dental Offices. His experience and wisdom has been the result of entrepreneurial endeavors since he was a kid. Brad understands marketing for Dental Offices and brings an extraordinary amount of energy, passion and creativity to the table. He understands the importance of oral-health and is thrilled to be a leader in this important space. Helping people find a great dentist and receive quality Dental care is the driving force behind Dentainment.

Brad is honored and excited to be the Host of “As The Practice Grows“, which is becoming a popular Dental Marketing Show around the World.

Brad has never had a resume and created his first business at 14 years old.

This was called B&B Car Wash and was launched with his best childhood friend. Brad was in charge of marketing and getting new cars to wash in the neighborhood. Since then, Brad has created a number of successful ventures across multiple platforms. These include summer hockey camps, consumer products, and a variety of Internet properties that he has built or sold. Generating “buzz” and innovative marketing were the key to all of these ventures’ success.

Brad continues to launch “Fun Projects” that are unique in nature, as it’s also a way to beta-test Digital Marketing initiatives that may eventually work for his clients.  Becoming the BEST Marketing Creatives for the Offices we work with is TOP PRIORITY!

Brad is a huge hockey fan and has played since he was four years old.  He played college Hockey at Bowling Green State University and professionally in Italy, while being still actively involved in the sport. 🏒🥅

Favorite Food:  Carbonara 🍜 and Sushi 🍣

Favorite Brands:  Red Bull 🥤 Purple Mattress 🛏 Colmar ⛰

Favorite Hobby:  Yoga 🙏 Filmmaking 🎬

Fun Fact:  Played Italian Groom in Wedding Crashers 🤵🍿

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