Avoiding Annoying Video Marketing Mistakes

Video Marketing mistakes can be avoided if you are thoughtful about what you are going to film before you grab your camera. Filming and posting videos about your dental practice, when optimized properly, can boost your online presence. However, what you think may work and what actually does can be completely different. Time is money and if you are spending too much time on your video marketing strategies, you may want to talk to the experts from Dentainment.

According to Dentainment, there are a few things you can do to avoid those dreaded video marketing mistakes.

Mistake #1 B2B Marketing isn’t any fun

Although B2B video marketing campaigns may never release crowd-pleasing Superbowl commercial numbers, never think that video marketing for B2B isn’t something that could work for you.

Market to your suppliers and offer to take videos of their products and services. Talk to Dentainment about making fun video ads that your patients can share. If you have a new CEREC machine or a new in house tooth-whitening product that you want to advertise, film a video that will entice others to share. Word of mouth advertising is the best way to advertise your dental practice.

Mistake #2 Being too Salesy

Regardless of whom you are marketing too, it is important to make your viewers feel comfortable. If your potential clients and customers feel like your video is reminiscent of that used car salesman who forced you into the sale, it’s time to rethink your script. Marketing should be part of the pitch, but if you want to build relationships with your patients and potential guests it is important to show them that you understand their wants and needs.

Mistake #3 Titles and Descriptions

Poor titles and descriptions along with generic thumbnails you found online for free won’t do much for your reputation. Assign a member of the team to take pictures and do short video clips. Mix it up and create a calendar where each staff member is assigned a day or a week to take pictures and videos. Your patients will love it, and so will the team. The more buzz you can create with your videos the more likely you’ll increase your dental flow.

Mistake #4 Have a Clear Message

Your message needs to fit your overall video marketing strategy if you want to avoid video marketing mistakes. If you try to cram a dozen messages into one video, or none at all, how is your audience going to know what you are trying to convey. Your loyal patients may try to hold on, but if your videos are all over the place, they will go elsewhere for dental tips.

Mistake #5 Length

Although Facebook recommends 20 to 30 minute Live Feeds so that you can build your audience, your online ads should be the right length to leave your viewers watching before boredom sets in.

Mistake #6 Topics

Give each of your serial videos a different topic. Having a series of anything gives your patients, and potential guests, the opportunity to see firsthand what your dental practice is all about.

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