Adding Video Marketing to your Strategies is Essential

video_marketing_dentists_DentainmentVideo marketing is essential. Video capture’s attention. In fact, videos grab potential patients within the first five seconds.

In simple terms if you want success with social media marketing, it is important to plan a strategy that will capture your viewer’s attention keeping them there for the entire clip. 

Video Snippets are Easy to Digest

Small snippets of information are easy to digest. Follow the Dentainment Blog and you’ll learn that people like video more than text. In fact, consumers prefer video to text using it to weigh in on a purchase. It’s important to note that while text and photos do work it really is the video that closes the deal.

When you create your videos, you want your snippets to stand out from the crowd. You can produce individual snippets or get more mileage from your shoot day and cut snippets from long form videos already in the can.

Why Short Clips Make Sense

Short clips pack a punch. People tend to remember small bits of educational information and will usually like, comment and share video snippets.

As a dentist, you have an amazing opportunity to highlight your dental practice with short video clips. Best of all, you can optimize those same videos sharing them on your website, in your blog and on your social media pages. Don’t forget, just like movie trailers, snippets leave your audience wanting more.

Back in 2017, YouTube videos were watched nearly 5 billion times each day. You can only imagine how much that figure has grown in the past three years.

Adding Video to Campaigns Increases Engagement

One of the most powerful things you can do to help your dental marketing campaign attract attention is to add video to your efforts. Including video in all of your digital advertising just makes sense as it generates more attention.

Creating Video Campaigns

Just like text marketing, video marketing for dentists must be unique, interesting, and most importantly, engaging. When you create your videos, make sure you have a clear focus and point to your clip, if you don’t people may not stick around for the entire snippet.

Types of Video Snippets for Dental Marketing

Small instructional videos are excellent for snippets. These could be demonstrations of some of your products or simple videos about how to brush and floss. You could easily create long form videos and edit clips for small instructional snippets.

Another great way to engage your audience with snippets is to create challenge videos. Ask your team to come up with some ideas for challenges and get your patients and your social media fans and followers involved.

If you would like to learn more about video marketing for dentists, or any other type of marketing, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.


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