A Virtual Assistant AI for Dental Marketing

Virtual Assistants AI are quickly becoming the most popular way to source information. You can only imagine how many families welcomed Alexa or Siri into their home this past Christmas.

These days you can ask your virtual assistant anything from how to make a cheesecake to, “Alexa, what’s the weather going to be like this weekend?”

Virtual Assistance is Growing


Of course, just like everything else in the digital world, artificial intelligence is a goldmine for marketers. However, just like the old west, navigating voice marketing can be tricky.

How do you get Alexa or Siri to mention your dental practice if someone down the street from your office is asking for an emergency dentist in Westwood?

Virtual Assistance Hand in Hand with Dental Marketing

Alexa and Siri are both virtual assistants that are powered by artificial intelligence. Neither are real people, but the programmers are doing their best to make you believe they are.

These days you can even change languages and give Alexa an English or Southern American accent if you like. However, tapping into the vast new world of virtual assistance marketing for dentists isn’t always that easy.

What are Alexa Skills?

Just like your mobile device, Alexa skills are apps that you can add to your AI device. The best part of this is that the person who downloads and enables them activates the skills. For example, if you want to have Alexa perform certain tasks, she will only do so by the sound of the voice that created the skill.

Alexa Skills are more than turning off lights and playing your favorite tunes on Pandora. Alexa Skills can also help you market your dental practice.

Dental Marketing with your Virtual Assistant

The best way to begin exploring the plethora of resources on how Virtual Assistant are impacting industries around the World.  This is a new and exciting to start leveraging this technology, especially for your Dental Practice.

There are Alexa Skills for everything, but they do take time. Having a dental marketing team onboard is the best way to get ahead of the competition and the best way to be the first dentist Alexa or Siri mention when someone is looking for porcelain veneers in Richmond.

Dental Marketing with a Virtual Assistant

If you would like more information regarding this exciting trend, reach out to Dentainment for a call.  In the interim, grab some additional Dental Marketing Ideas with our new DentalYear App.

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