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A Unique Dental Blog for 2020 and Beyond

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Not only is it nearly the end of the year, but also the end of another decade. Much has changed over the past ten years, especially when it comes to dental marketing. However, there are a few constants in the world of digital marketing and one of those constants is business blogging.

Having a blog for your dental practice is smart. Not only does it help build your web presence, it also helps drive traffic to your website. A dental blog provides useful and relevant content to your audience. When you are consistent with your dental blog, you are also attracting potential patients.


Below are Five Reasons a Dental Blog Make Sense

1. A Blog to Boost Search Engine Optimization

Google, Bing, and every other search engine on the planet love content that is fresh, unique, and relevant. Blogs that are written on a consistent basis give the search engines something new to index. Dental blogs are also great for SEO as long as you don’t go overboard. Too many keywords or keyword phrases won’t sound natural. Be sure you read your blog aloud before you go live.

2. Develop Patient Relationships with a Dental Blog

A dental blog helps with patient engagement. Engaging with existing patients and potential ones allows you to communicate in a more conversational tone. A dental blog builds trust with your audience while giving you an opportunity to increase your online presence. Don’t forget to ask your social media fans and followers and your email subscriber list to subscribe to your blog.

3. Become a Leader in the Dental World

A consistent blog allows you to become an expert in your field. When you post once or twice a month, you are giving valuable information to people who are searching. If someone wants to learn more about porcelain veneers or dental implants, a blog with the right keywords will take the user to your website and your blog post. If you are consistent, you could become the go to for dental advice and tips.

4. Share Your Dental Brand Vision

Posting dental blogs allow you to show the personal side of your dental practice. Share your brand message and engage with your audience. A well-written blog is an excellent way to tell your patients, and potential ones why you do what you do. You can also share dental tips and other fresh content that users will love. Be unique and consistent and your existing and new subscribers will love your brand vision.

5. More Opportunities for Sharing Your Dental Blog

With all of the sharing platforms available, it’s easy for others to tweet or post a link to your blog. It’s also an excellent way to go viral. It’s word of mouth advertising for the 21st century.

Your subscribers can easily link to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or any other blog sharing site. Sharing really is caring when it comes to a well-written blog for your dental practice.

If you don’t have time or don’t consider yourself an expert when it comes to the written word, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment who can help you create a dental blog for your practice.