Dental Video Marketing

9 Video Marketing Statistics You Can’t Ignore


Video marketing is crucial, especially with the holidays coming up.

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Planning a video marketing campaign for your dental practice that can be included in your social media and other advertising outlets is one of the best ways to increase your fan base, likes, comments, and shares.

According to Podium, adding video to your existing platforms, such as email and text messaging, increases your dental flow. Statistics show that people prefer visual to text.

With so many platforms available, video marketing for your dental practice is seamless and affordable, and it’s fun too.

Why Dental Video Marketing is Fun with Dentainment

Dentainment has been in the business of social media marketing and video marketing for years and has the experience to create a script that will show off you and your team’s assets. From testimonials to how to videos, explainer videos and video presentations at dental events, we like to focus on this initiative for clients.

Even the camera shy team members will get in on the act when Dentainment gets involved. Dentainment makes it fun to film and produce thought provoking videos that will get you more followers, likes, and shares.  Capturing emotionally compelling and unique video content is important for your content initiatives.  Whether you’re capturing patient testimonials for social proof, tours of your practice or introducing new technology, make sure to film with the viewers in mind.

What Can Video Marketing Do For My Dental Practice?

Plenty. Below are a few video marketing statistics to consider if you are having second thoughts about adding video to your current advertising plan.

  1. YouTube commands nearly a third of internet use with over a billion users
  2. 82 percent of people who Tweet watch video
  3. 45 percent of people who watch video on Facebook and YouTube watch more than an hour every week
  4. Over 500 million hours of content are viewed on YouTube every day
  5. More video is produced and uploaded in a single month than the US major networks have produced in 30 years
  6. 87 percent of marketers, including Dentainment, use video marketing
  7. Every second 17,000 hours, or a million minutes, of video will cross IP networks by the year 2021
  8. Watching video accounts for one third of internet activity
  9. 72 hours of video content is uploaded every sixty seconds to YouTube

Video marketing works, just look at the statistics. When you incorporate video into your overall advertising strategies, your fan base will increase and so will your dental flow.

We hope this read inspires you to say “Lights, Camera, Action” at your Dental Practice!  Incorporating fresh video content into your Dental Marketing Strategy will be tremendous for your New Patient Success.