9 Dental Practice Marketing Facebook Live Tips

Five Minute Read

Facebook Live is an exciting platform for dental practice marketing. Facebook Live allows you to personalize your dental practice.


Going live on Facebook is exciting, but also requires a plan before you begin broadcasting yourself to the public.

Below are some Facebook Live dental practice marketing tips that will help you become a pro.

1. Introduce Yourself

Obviously you need to let people know who you. However, according to Dentainment, the introductions shouldn’t cease at the top of your broadcast. Continue re-introducing yourself and any other featured members. Not only is it courteous to your viewers, it also builds your fan base.

2. Be Visually Engaging on Facebook Live

Presentation is the key. The way you present your broadcast is important, but so is your lighting, background, and backdrops. Don’t forget your background noise, as you don’t want it to disrupt your broadcast. Use Facebook Live Themes and invest in a tripod for stable shots.

3. Know Your Audience for Dental Practice Marketing

Obviously, you are targeting your videos towards people looking for dental services. Viewers who are curious about porcelain veneers or dental implants will tune in to learn more about your dental practice. Once you have posted a few live broadcasts, you can use Facebook’s analytic tools.  If you’re focusing on Cosmetic Dentistry, make this an on-going content strategy.

4. Be the Voice of Dentistry

If you have a large audience watching your Facebook Live videos, you are building credibility. If followers find you credible they will like, comment and share your videos more often. Don’t forget to mention viewers in your broadcast as this will peak viewers attention.

5. Strong Signals for Facebook Live

You will lose viewers if you don’t have a strong broadcast signal. If your video buffers, pixelates, or suffers from audio problems, people will leave in droves. While it is not always possible, try to push for strong internet connections every time you go Live on Facebook.

6. Start with a Dental Practice Marketing Plan

Having a dental practice marketing plan before you go live makes you and your dental practice look professional. While you don’t have to write an entire script you should keep some notes, facts, figures and quotes for your Facebook Live Broadcast. Going in cold is never a good idea.

7. Check Your Comments and Respond

Always check your comments while you are broadcasting. While the option can be disabled, comments personalize your video as they allow you to respond while broadcasting. Comments help gauge mood and drive traffic to your website and other online outlets as well.

8. Tease your Audience

If you have established long-term relationships because of your Facebook Live broadcasts, you want to make sure you keep your viewers satisfied. Nudge them in your live broadcasts with teasers about your next broadcast, what it will be about, and when you plan to broadcast next.

9. Invest in a Camera and Microphone

If you are planning to go live to Facebook on a regular basis, investing in good equipment is essential for dental practice marketing. While phones record great videos, they are not always best for your needs, especially if you are filming a procedure. Buy a good camera, microphone and tripod and you will outshine the competition.

If you would like more information regarding Facebook Live for dental practice marketing, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment.

Remember to always have fun with your marketing initiatives, especially whenever going LIVE at the Practice!