8 Fresh Dental Video Ideas

A dental video is a vital part of your overall dental marketing strategy.

Video is massive. All you have to do is look at your social media feed and you’ll see how huge it actually is.

From cute animal clips to serious advertisements, everyone seems to be getting in on the act and you should be as well.

Shooting videos for your dental practice is the best way to promote your business. However, sometimes it’s tough to come up with fresh ideas for dental videos.

Unique Dental Video Ideas to Consider

1. How I Became a Dentist

Tell your audience how and why you decided to become a practitioner. This is an excellent way to introduce your patients, and potential ones, to your dental practice.

There are several ways that you can shoot it. Try a stand up video straight to camera and include clips from your past. You could also do a reenactment showing B-roll of where you went to dental school.

Show footage of your first dental practice or take the viewers on a personal tour of your hometown. Be creative and unique.

Get your family in on the act and ask them how it felt while you were going through the process of becoming a dentist. These tug at the heart strings moments humanize your dental practice.

2. Office Tour Dental Videos

While it may not seem like a unique idea for video marketing it can be. Freshen up your office tour and make it fun and interesting.

Get everyone at the office in on the act or use a professional spokesperson or influencer to narrate your dental video.

If you already have an office tour video, take a good hard look at it and be critical. Is your tour good enough to bring you through the practice door? If it isn’t ask your team members what they would like to see in the clip.

Perhaps you aren’t filming enough of your dental technology. If that is the case be sure to shoot everything you can to show that you and your dental practice are up with the times.

3. Team Member of the Month

If you don’t highlight your team members, or haven’t in some time, grab your camera and start shooting.

When you highlight your crew you are encouraging teamwork. Everyone likes to show off talents, especially if there is something to gain from it.

Encourage your receptionist, hygienist and the rest of the team to up their game. Give the team member of the month a prize, such as dinner for two or an unexpected day off with a gift certificate.

Shoot dental videos highlighting all of the great things that the team member of the month has done. Don’t be surprised if it becomes a popular monthly clip that your followers will look forward to.

You’ll be amazed at what a team member of the month video will do for morale and team spirit as well, especially when the video is shared on social media and everyone becomes a, “Star.”

4. How to Videos

How to videos can be tricky to shoot, as you don’t want to be too graphic. It really is a fine line that can be difficult to maneuver.

How to dental videos should be shot elegantly when it comes to certain dental procedures. While those types of videos have their place, they aren’t the best for someone who suffers from dental fear.

You can be extremely informative without putting off your audience. Plan your shots beforehand and have a shot script to avoid any mishaps.

These types of videos are usually live with no do overs. In addition, find a camera crew that has shot dental videos before as they will know what to do if you are shooting a tricky procedure.

5. What to Expect Videos

People are often nervous and anxious. Having a video that will relax them is the perfect way to put them at ease.

Different from an office tour, a how to video of your dental practice shows patients what to expect the minute they pull into the parking lot of your dental practice.

Shoot a short interview with the patient getting out of the car or have a chat at the door. Choose a real patient for the shoot as you want it to be as authentic as possible.

A bird’s eye view from the camera is also a great way to show people what to expect when they arrive. In other words, let your camera be the spokesperson taking viewers through the process without a live person. Let the camera and your narrative do the talking.

6. Go Live on Social Media

Going live on social media adds personality to your dental practice. Think of it this way, most people don’t expect a medical professional to go live on camera unless it is to promote their practice.

Again, switching things up and going live on social media shows your fun side. Put on your thinking cap and ask your friends and family members for ideas.

If you have a passion for stand up, go live on social media and show off your skills. If playing the banjo is your thing attend an Open Mic and play a song or two.

There is no limit to the fun you and your audience can have when you promote the lively side of your dental practice on social media.

7. Give Back to the Community Videos

This type of event draws massive crowds and will do wonders for your reputation. Remember, you became a doctor to help people, what better way to do so than with a Free Dental Care for Low Income Day.

Everyone loves to see doctors and dentists giving back to the community. In addition, tThe media always jumps on free dental care as it is good news that people love to hear and read about.

Get busy and produce a Free Dental Care for Low Income Day. Get a camera crew together and film the monthly or yearly event.

How many times you produce the event is up to you. Just remember that the more you film the more fans and follows you’ll accrue on your YouTube or Vimeo page.

8. Throw a Dental Fair and Film it

Dental fairs give back to the community AND put you in touch with your peers. Throwing an annual dental fair regardless of the size of your town or city will put you in the minds of patients and potential ones.

Contact dental technology manufacturers, dental experts and specialists and get them onboard. Invite dental professionals to come along and get in on the act.

When you promote your practice to others in the dental field you are becoming an authority in your industry.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to make your dental fair public or only open to professional dental practitioners and industry providers. With that being said the public is often curious about all things dental and may want to attend your dental fair as well.

Make Your Practice Work For You

Of course, all of these fantastic and unique dental video marketing ideas aren’t any good if your dental practice isn’t growing.

One of the best ways to promote that growth is with the NexHealth online scheduling app. NexHealth helps you build your practice from the very first impression.

Try it out. Your patients and potential ones will love you for it.

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