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7 Ways to Improve Business Text Messaging for your Dental Practice

business text messaging

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Business Text Messaging is huge, and if you have been following the Dentainment Blog, you will know that your practice could increase dental flow by including business text messaging in your overall dental marketing strategy. Not only is it fast and easy, but it is also convenient. With business text messaging for your dental practice you can quit leaving messages on voice mail and eliminate phone tag all together.

According to Dentainment, people under the age of thirty, prefer texting for business to phone and email. In fact, 90 percent of people buying products and services would rather use text messaging when it comes to communication.

One of the reasons that many dental practices are not using text messaging for business is a lack of knowledge. Some have no idea where to begin or how to start.

Below are seven tips that can help you become a business text messaging expert.

1. Set Checkups and Dental Appointments-Dental practices lose thousands of dollars every year thanks to patients who just don’t keep dental appointments. Wasted dental appointments cost time and money. If you use business texting to remind your patients about an upcoming dental checkup, you will be eliminating those no shows. When you send texts out to patients, your staff won’t have to call or wait for a call back.

2. Services Check-If you have a website chances are all of your services will be listed in your menu. However, if you give patients the opportunity to text asking if you provide porcelain veneers or invisible braces, you will increase your dental flow. Sending a quick message via text will let a potential patient know exactly what services your dental practice offers.

3. Upsell via Text-If you are already texting patients, why not upsell every so often. When you offer discounts on professional dental cleanings or other services, you are giving your patients the opportunity to decide for themselves. Upselling is great for customer service.

4. Feedback is Important-Instead of the surveys that you find on your desktop or mobile device, dental practices are beginning to use customer surveys via text messaging. Text messaging gives patients a better response and higher opening rate as it is conversational as opposed to intrusive. Text messaging surveys are a much better option when it comes to feedback.

5. Be a Problem Solver-Not every question asked by a patient requires a phone call. Some questions are easy to answer with a business text. Phone calls are not visual, but texts are. Don’t be surprised if patients start texting pictures of problematic teeth as it can eliminate any type of confusion in the future, especially when it comes time to schedule a dental appointment.

6. Make Sales-It may sound absurd, but patients are now making sales in a text message. Even for porcelain veneers and dental implants. When you entice your patients, you will see an increase in your dental flow. You want to make it very easy for patients to engage with your dental team.

7. Reviews-Dentainment cannot stress how important reviews are to your dental practice, and best of all, they can be done using business text messaging. Text your patients and ask them to write a review. With a platform like Podium, it is easy to connect with patients via Facebook and Google Plus for reviews.

Building a healthy online relationship with your patients is vital if you want to succeed when it comes to business texting for your dental practice. Ask Dentainment how.

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