Optimizing YouTube Videos

7 Tips for Optimizing YouTube Videos


Optimizing YouTube Videos is the best way to get your dental practice noticed. Second only to Google when it comes to searches, YouTube has over 5 billion of its products viewed every day. That means 60 hours of video clips are being uploaded every 60 seconds, but how do you get a share of the viewing audience by optimizing YouTube videos?

Below are 7 tips for Optimizing YouTube Videos

  1. Metadata-This is where you will find all of the information about your video. Metadata makes up the tags, descriptions and the title of your video. When you optimize your metadata, it will help your video ranking on both YouTube and Google. Everyone knows that content reign’s supreme and if your clips are what viewers want to see, optimizing your data will help. When you leverage the power using long tail searches on video content, your local search results on Google will benefit.
  2. Add Tags-Adding tags to your video is one of the best ways to use keywords and keyword phrases, however, make sure that your tags, which could be a single word or a phrase, are a natural fit to your description and title. You want to make sure that your tags make sense and fit the rest of your content and your video clips.
  3. Spruce up your Playlist-a Playlist allows you to compile and organize videos on the channel into groups that are based on topics that you choose. Group your clips by topic choosing keywords and keyword phrases that are focused around the title. Don’t forget to add a unique description to the playlist as well.
  4. Write an Accurate Description for your Playlist-Your description can be up to 5,000 words. Use the description for your playlist so that users can get an idea of what your video is about without having to watch the clip. Use keywords and phrases in your description for optimizing YouTube videos.
  5. Annotations-Using YouTube annotations allows you to include interactivity into your commentary. Annotations are content call to actions and will help your viewers complete a task such as watching additional videos, subscribing to the channel, pausing the clip, adding comments, or following your practice on Facebook and Twitter. You will find the tab that will take you to the annotations dashboard on your channel.
  6. Upload a Custom Background-Using a custom background for your dental practice YouTube channel helps establish your brand. Make sure that you incorporate images and/or text that highlights your dental practice showing people what you do and what your dental practice is all about.
  7. Be Consistent with your Brand-Regardless of your marketing, branding is crucial and with so many branding features on YouTube free of charge, it really is the best way to take advantage of showcasing and branding your dental practice.

Optimizing YouTube videos really can increase your dental flow. Call or click and talk to the team of dental marketing professionals from Dentainment about optimizing YouTube videos today.

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