7 Social Media Dental Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

You probably know by now that social media marketing isn’t something you learn over night, especial social media marketing for dentists.

As a dentist, you know better than anyone how you aren’t the top of everyone’s to do list. Social media is the best way to show the world your personality.

With thoughtful tweets and posts, you become known as a personable doctor who cares enough to communicate on a personal level. Knowing how to manage your social media accounts is crucial. If social media marketing is done the wrong way, it could damage your reputation.

Below are 7 social media dental marketing dos and don’ts that are must haves for your online digital marketing campaign.

1. Audience is Everything for Dental Marketing #Wrongaudiencefordentalmarketing

A. Don’t-Like most industries, dentists face the challenge of identifying the right market. If you are a general dentist who treats patients of all ages, it’s tough to pinpoint whom you want to target your advertising to.

Some dental practices make the mistake of targeting the wrong demographic pushing dentures and bridges to patients who are more interested in cosmetic dentistry. If you are a dentist who hasn’t identified his or her target audience, you are wasting your time and money.

When you identify your market, you can create strong advertising campaigns that attract the potential patients that you and your practice are marketing to. A good dental marketing firm will create a campaign based on your current patient base and whom you want to target.

B. Do-Identify who you are marketing to whether it is parents, men, women, baby boomers, or seniors. Once you have honed in on your target you will be better equipped to handle a social media marketing campaign that works. Putting all of your energies into an ad campaign that targets pediatric dentistry when you don’t want to promote it at the moment sends the wrong message to potential patients.

Once you have figured out who you want to market your dental practice to you can determine what kinds of results would be best for your online dental marketing campaign. If your focus is on brand awareness, you don’t want a campaign that focuses on website traffic.

2. Balancing your Social Media Marketing Campaign #DentalMarketingPromotion

A. Don’t-Regardless of the industry, people hate over promotion. Think about how many times you scroll through the same ad on Facebook and you will think twice before over promoting your dental practice online. Being vigilant with your content is different from over promotion.

Your social media pages are a place to interact with your audience, not shove your products and services down their throats. If your tweets and posts consist of consist discount coupons for tooth whitening and dental checkups it’s time to rethink your dental marketing campaign. Over promotion will affect your likes, comments, and shares.

According to Dentainment, people who are interested in your products and services are more likely to click on more personal post than a promotional ad.

B. Do-Self promoting your dental practice on social media is powerful, and can be extremely advantageous when it comes to dental flow. Keep in mind that promoting dental implants and your new CEREC© machine isn’t the same as promoting your new accreditation into the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The more you engage the more valuable you become.

Think of creating dental marketing content that adds value to your audience. Incorporate video posts that show your dental office and your team. When you self-promote yourself without selling your latest oral appliance therapy device.

Dentainment recommends that you post or tweet promotional content once for every four posts. Don’t forget to engage with your audience, which adds even more credibility to your social media content.

3. Posting Content for Dental Marketing #NoAutoPilotForDentalMarketing

A. Don’t-Although putting your online content on autopilot can be useful at times, say if you are on vacation or out of the country on a seminar, doing it on a daily basis when you are working and running your dental practice isn’t the best way to promote your business. Autopilot can ruin your reputation, especially if you are posting the same content on multiple social media websites.

Some dental practices make the mistake of spending thousands on videos only to post the same clip on multiple websites with the same description. Not only does this look but, but it also hurts your ranking. Google and the other search engines will punish you for duplicate content. Punishment from Google means a lower rank in the search engines.

B. Do-The best posts and tweets are the ones that sound and feel organic. This doesn’t apply to your content, but more about when, and most importantly, HOW, the post or tweet was made. Believe it or not, what time you post can do wonders for your dental marketing campaign.

Every industry is different when it comes to likes, posts, and shares. Before you spend money on a social media marketing campaign, do your research. Write a post during different days and times and find out which get you the most engagement. This will help you determine where your time is better spent when it comes to dental marketing on social media.

Posting the same video on social media and other outlets is a great way to expose your brand and your rank. Just be sure you write new content and add new photos to the clip.

4. Paid Ads a Dental Marketing Necessity #NeglectingPaidDentalAds

A. Don’t-For most dentists, social media paid ads are a big part of their social media marketing budget. Although there isn’t a one size fits all approach when it comes to advertising on social media, each social media site operates differently and will perform accordingly. SnapChat has entirely different audience to Facebook. Again, knowing your audience will help you reach your demographic.

If you are one of those dental practices that put up an ad without maintaining it, you’ll lose income. Thanks to social media, consumers can ask questions 24 hours of the day seven days a week. If you aren’t answering those queries, your fans won’t be following you much longer. Users aren’t fans of brands that don’t communicate on social media.

B. Do-Having a solid plan for your dental marketing campaign across multiple platforms will produce brand awareness while generating leads and web traffic. According to Twitter, over 41 percent of users will buy within the first 30 days. That means it’s vital that you stay on top of your social media paid ads. Like everything in life, social media marketing requires a solid game plan. If you aren’t performing, it will show at the end of the year.

Dentainment recommends that you start with specified ad campaigns that you can run across multiple social media sites. You can gauge the response by seeing where you yielded the most likes, comments, and shares. Always remember a one-size fits all dental marketing campaign on social media is never a good idea.

5. Video Marketing for Dentists is a Must #DontScrimponDentalVideos

A. Don’t- If your team is guilty of posting and tweeting without adding video, you are missing a huge chunk of fans and followers. Don’t be one of those dental practices that only posts content and pictures.

Pictures have always spoken louder than words. Some dentists rely on before and after pictures without adding video, worse still are those dentists that post poor quality videos that are hard to see and hear. It’s okay to post videos from your phone, just make sure the viewer can understand what you are trying to say.

Poor videos won’t be shared and could go viral but not in the way that you had hoped for. If your dental videos are coming up with comments like, “If I can’t understand him now, how can I possibly know if dental implants are for me?” It’s time to contact a professional video marketing production company.

B. Do-If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you will know how important video content is to your dental marketing strategy. Without it, you’ll end up at the bottom of the search engines. Even the best content in the world with beautiful pictures won’t get the same results as video.

Sound and movement boosts engagement while captivating the viewer. Dentists can especially benefit from video marketing. In this day and age users are glued to the screen. In fact, over 85 percent of people on the internet are watching videos every day. Without video, you are losing those potential patients.

When you add video to your social media marketing campaign you are increasing your potential dental flow. With unique and fresh video content users will be more likely to comment and share. Optimize your videos using email and text message marketing and you are really boosting your potential patient base.

6. Pay Attention to All Comments #DontIgnoreNegativeComments

A. Don’t-The worst thing any business can do is ignore a negative comment. Doing so will only create more negative talk. If someone who is an influencer on social media posts a negative comment about your dental practice, it will hurt your online profile.

Some dentists make the mistake of thinking negative or neutral comments will simply go away. Although positive comments will show up first, unaddressed negative comments will still show up. A good researcher in search of a dentist will find that unaddressed negative review about your dental website.

Don’t be like that dentist who responded negatively to a not so nice review. Comments from your dental practice that are snarky or put down the reviewer will not be well liked.

B. Do-Tackle the neutral of negative dental review as quickly as possible. Just like wildfire, word spreads fast, especially if the reviewer is well known and popular on websites like Realself.com. Over 80 percent of people who complain via social media expect an immediate response. Most within less than an hour. The best dental practices are the ones who respond with a resolution as quickly as possible.

Do respond quickly and be nice and professional about it. You may be tempted to tell someone how you really think. Just remember, that too could be shared in a way that could harm your reputation. Always be professional and treat the person who is complaining as you would if they were sitting in your dental chair.

7. Be Selective with Social Media Marketing for Dentists #DontSpreadYourselfThin

A. Don’t-You may be tempted to splash your dental practice all over the internet. With so many platforms to choose from it’s easy to create a page for every social media website without thinking about the consequences.

Don’t be one of those dentists that hires a social media dental marketing company to put you on every social site. A good dental marketing company wouldn’t do that, but would instead target the sites that would be best for your demographic.

When you do select your sites don’t overdo it. You need to be just as selective with your content and use of hashtags. Don’t abuse hashtags, ever. Make sure your hashtags are specific to your brand and offer variety that is specific to your dental practice. Search your keywords and the most popular hashtags for better exposure.

B. Do-Select your social media platforms carefully. If you are a cosmetic dentist that targets women, Pinterest is a great place to market your dental practice. Because Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, don’t forget to add pictures and video to your pins. The more you pin the more others who aren’t your fans and followers will share. Pinterest is an excellent way to organically advertise your dental practice.

Check out the competition and see where doctors in the area are putting their social media marketing efforts. Your competitors will give you great insight into where you and your team should be spending your time on social media marketing, and don’t forget to ask your dental team where they spend their social media time.

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