7 Dental Marketing Tips You Can’t Dismiss

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Dental practice marketing takes time and as everyone knows, time is money.

Firstly, a professional dental marketing team helps you and your team get back to doing what you do best. Secondly, there is no guesswork in your dental practice marketing.


Why You Need a Professional for Dental Marketing

You wouldn’t expect your receptionist to finish filling a tooth while you handle another patient, so why would you expect your team to handle your social media and dental practice marketing?

Below are some tips that will help you take the guesswork out of dental practice marketing.

1. Facebook Ads for Awareness

While it is important to share your dental practice marketing to the world, it’s imperative that you are specific about your target market. If your dental practice marketing is in Florida, it won’t do you any good if your Facebook ad is showing up in Oregon.

Facebook Local Awareness ads help you reach your community. Even better is the map card allows you to share details about your dental practice marketing such as hours, directions and your address. You can even use your CTA for a call button making it easy for people to schedule a dental checkup.

2. Click to Call Dental Marketing Ads

The main purpose of dental marketing is dental flow. You wouldn’t be marketing your dental practice if you weren’t prospecting new patients. Of course, you want to keep your patients updated with new information, but when it comes to dental marketing ads, you need to make it easy for the prospect to find you and your business.

With a click to call ad on Google, which used to be called Google AdWords you are giving patients the option to click and call immediately. You can add this extension to your ongoing campaigns, or customize call only campaigns.

3. Mobile Call Only Ads

According to the most popular search engine in the world, most searches relating to health care are conducted on a mobile phone. In fact, Google explains that one in twenty searches conducted are related to the health and wellness sectors. Ask Dentainment how you can create a mobile call only campaign for your dental practice.

4. Demographic Targeting for Dental Marketing

Facebook makes it easy to target your market. Along with gender, age, and location, you can narrow your targets to relationship status, language, interests, income, and employment. This is very important when you consider that women make over 90 percent of dental purchasing decisions.

5. Appointment Reminders for Dental Marketing

Whether you are reminding your patients via email, text, phone calls, or snail mail, appointment reminders are an excellent way to market your dental practice. You can include specials, new products and services, or introduce a new member of your team to your patients.

Simplify your system with Google. Google can send appointment reminders, or remind patients of an upcoming professional cleaning.

6. Re-marketing Dental Ads

Re-marketing helps your practice reach patients and potential ones who have been to your website or your business in the past. Re-marketing your dental ads allows you to collect additional information using Customer Match.

Customer Match is available on Facebook and Google ads. All you have to do is re-market your audience using email addresses that you upload. This allows you to entice people to come back for a discount or a new service.

7. Dental Practice Marketing Google Maps

When you place a dental practice marketing ad on Google maps, you are leading potential patients to your front door. With a Google Map ad, people searching will type or say dentist resulting in your practice showing up on the map. On a mobile device, these types of ads include CTAs, directions and your address.

Dental marketing takes time and dedication. If you are having trouble keeping up with your dental marketing campaign, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.

By having more fun with your Dental Marketing Content and having all Team Members involved, this will help ensure more success in all regards.  Whether you outsource this or not, sharing the UNIQUE STORY of your DENTAL PRACTICE is hugely important!  🙂

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