7 Dental Marketing Tips for the 21st Century

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Dental marketing has certainly changed over the years and while word of mouth and postcard advertising will always work, adding digital marketing strategies to the mix will increase your online presence making you an authority in the dental world.


Dentainment is in the business of dental marketing and has some tried and true tips for you to include in your overall digital marketing plan.

1. Keep Up with Dental Marketing Trends

Embracing advertising and digital trends is an essential part of the picture. Include hashtags and trending keywords, as it will help you stay on top of the digital landscape. Also, one of the best things about keywords and hashtags for dental marketing is that they are free to use.

2. Engage with Interesting Content

While sharing your own content on other social media platforms is a no brainer, sharing content from trustworthy sources is an awesome way to build your profile on the web. Sharing other content is excellent for networking and increasing dental flow.

3. Revisit your Old Content for Dental Marketing

Take a look at your website content. If it seems dated, add new visuals. Also, include rich keywords in your text and add beautiful imagery. High quality pictures really do make a difference. Use Pixabay or Canva in all of your online and conventional content. People are visual creatures and, as a result, love photos and videos.

4. Repurpose your Old Content

One of the best ways to get a good bang for your advertising buck is to repurpose or reuse your content. Compile old videos or create a slideshow with images. You can even repurpose your blog posts into a free eBook. Repurposing old content boosts your dental brand and dental flow.

5. Create Value and Brand Recognition with a Newsletter

One of the best ways to build your brand is with a monthly newsletter. While it may seem antiquated, it really is an excellent way to keep your practice in the minds of your patients and subscriber base. Add time sensitive incentives and deals in your newsletters as well.

6. Host a Seminar, Webinar, or Podcast

As a dentist, you have valuable knowledge and whether you are aware or not, people are hungry for it. A podcast, seminar, or webinar allows you to share your expertise with people who are curious about dental implants, porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental bonding, or other dental services.

7. Use Evergreen Content for Dental Marketing

Evergreen content stays fresh and relevant for years and consequently, is an excellent way to pull in those elusive organic search engine results. Create content that people can gain knowledge from in a decade, and you will be well on your way to evergreen content creation.

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