6 Ways to Avoid Dental Marketing Mistakes


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Dental marketing mistakes are bound to happen, especially if you are doing your conventional and online advertising and marketing in house.

Dental marketing mistakes can be avoided with these easy tips.

1. You Can’t Be Found in a Local Search


Potential patients head to Google and the other search engines to locate dental practices within the area. Dentainment explains that  77.43 percent of all searches on the internet are done on Google.

If a potential patient types in dental practice Columbus Ohio, or find a dentist near me, your listing must be at the top. Most people looking for a dentist in the area will go to the top first. Ask Dentainment how you can incorporate Google Maps and Google Ads to boost your ranking in Local Search.

2. Your Patients are an Afterthought

One of the biggest mistakes a dentist can make is taking patients for granted. Although your backend issues with the dental practice are important, it’s the patients that got you where you are today. Ask your patients questions and find out how they found your practice. Asking questions can also give you insight as to which dental marketing efforts made you the most visible. Your patients will feel good as well as you have shown an interest in them.

Make sure you give gifts, offer discounts, and specials to your regular patients. Your regular patients should receive something special for continued support.

3. Still Using Gmail for Professional Emails


Professional emails attached to your dental practice website make you look professional. Dentists who use @hotmail or @Gmail are unsecure and not always contactable. As a result, you will not seem professional.

According to Podium, text messaging for business is growing to be the preferred method of contact. However, some patients still prefer email messaging.

4. An Outdated Dental Website

If your website is outdated, you are probably not ranking very high. Google will punish you if your website is outdated. A website that looks great on a PC but has to be pinched and squeezed on a mobile device is considered outdated. Ask Dentainment how you can increase your ranking with a mobile responsive website for your dental practice.  Improving your Local SEO for Dental Website ranking is important for overall marketing success.

5. Relying on Word of Mouth and Foot Traffic

Thanks to social media, word of mouth can spread quickly. Foot traffic and word of mouth are great ways to get the word out about your dental practice. 

However, most of your patients probably won’t be going into detail about your products and services.

A detailed dental marketing strategy for you and your team helps boost your word of mouth and foot traffic using unique and fresh content for digital and conventional marketing that will increase your dental flow.

6. Avoiding Reviews, Referrals, and Feedback

If your team isn’t asking for patient reviews and referrals, you need to schedule an office meeting. Although reviews work both ways, it’s all information. A bad review can help you and your dental practice improve on the negatives. Not responding is one of the biggest dental marketing mistakes your practice can make.

Make sure to respond to all comments, even the bad ones, as it will help your overall reviews on Google, Yelp and the other review sites.

Feedback is just as important as referrals and reviews. Asking for patient’s feedback on social media helps, as you find out what works and what doesn’t.


Referrals bring in 4 times as many patients. To encourage referrals Dentainment recommends that you:

  • Offer Incentives for Every Referral
  • Thank People who have Referred Your Dental Practice
  • Educate Patients on Products and Services
  • Create a Referral Submission Online

With these six tips to avoid dental marketing mistakes from Dentainment, you really can boost your ROI. Call for a no obligation strategy consultation today.

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