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6 Video Marketing Tips for your Dental Practice


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Video marketing is an essential part of business. If you aren’t using video in your online marketing campaign, your dental flow will suffer.

video marketing

With a strong video marketing campaign,

your dental practice can show the world new services or promote a new product.

With social media focusing on video strategies, it’s important to ramp up your video marketing campaign.

Dentainment recommends that you include the following tips in your video marketing strategy.

1. Company Overview for your Video Marketing Campaign

When you share your dental practice overview, you are giving users an understanding of your brand and what sets it apart from the competition. By highlighting the strengths of your dental practice with video, you are boosting your online profile.

2. Announcements in your Video Marketing Campaign

Communicating via social media is a necessity regardless of the size of your dental practice. These days you need more than word of mouth advertising. Share announcements and communicate with your users by commenting and engaging with your fans and followers. More likes, comments, and shares generate dental flow.

3. Products and Services Demos

Consumers are four times more likely to watch a video than read about it. By providing patients, and potential ones, with information regarding your products services, such as your new CEREC® machine, you have a better chance of conversion. Keep it streamlined and simple. Include a before and after of the product or service that reinforces its purpose.

4. Thought Leadership

Use video marketing to highlight your expertise. If you are a cosmetic dentist who is a regular on a TV show or are appearing at a dental conference share it on video. When you release dental videos that highlight your dental expertise, you are becoming an influencer in your industry. Mix it up and feature guests and mentors who are the leaders in the dental world.

5. How to Videos

One of the best ways to show your products and services in action is with a how to video. Film a how to brush and floss video, or take the viewers behind the scenes and shoot a deep cleaning. Make sure you keep your viewers on the page with an interesting clip. Podium explains that most people have an attention span of about three seconds. If your video is boring, they will go elsewhere.

6. Event RSVP Please

When you create an RSVP for a video event, you can gauge the type of content that your patients and potential ones prefer. By sending an RSVP, you can narrow down your content choices. Share event teasers and include those who RSVP in the video recap.

Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to showcase your dental practice. Ask Dentainment how you can incorporate thoughtful and engaging video in your advertising strategies. It really will make a difference.

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