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6 Tips for YouTube Video Optimization for Your Dental Practice

YouTube Video Optimization is crucial if you want your dental video campaign to make a presence on the World Wide Web, and with YouTube being second to Google, which is the largest search engine on the planet, YouTube Video Optimization is essential. 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every sixty seconds with YouTube fans gobbling up 5 billion videos every single day.

With Dentainment, you can produce and publish informative dental videos that are optimized for the best YouTube Search Engine Optimization strategies.

SEO for YouTube Video Optimization includes title, description, and tags, all which should contain keywords that relate to the video. Because search engines do not crawl audio or images, your text needs to stand out and be valuable for Search Engine Optimization.

Below are 6 Tips for YouTube Video Optimization

Forget about Auto Captioning

Dentainment suggests that you forget about the Google auto-captioning feature that was developed for YouTube. Based on ASR, or automatic speech recognition, it can sometimes make things incomprehensible and downright embarrassing, as only 70 percent of the ASR is accurate.

Because ASR is so inaccurate, Google, Bing, and the other search engines do not index those files. Although some YouTube producers are downloading the YouTube automatic caption file before uploading it for indexing, Google doesn’t like it very much. In fact, they frown upon it.

Google and the other search engines will penalize you for spam, spam is described as AGG or automatically generated gibberish. If you upload captions that are inaccurate, you will lose your ranking in the search engines, and your dental practice YouTube pages will be labeled as spam.

YouTube Video Optimization

Video Transcript Quality

The quality of your transcript is just as important as your video and is essential as it can greatly assist your YouTube Video Optimization. Your video may look awesome, but the search engines won’t see it, as they will only crawl your text.

Your transcription needs relevant keywords so that the search engines can crawl and rank accordingly. You can write the transcript yourself, or use YouTube’s automated transcript program before cleaning up any errors manually. Call Dentainment for more information.


YouTube Video Optimization

Closed Captioning

Adding closed captions to your videos is great for SEO. Once your video is transcribed. Dentainment can help you create and upload a caption file. YouTube will automatically time sync your text for closed captioning. With closed captions, your dental videos will increase your user engagement, and get more shares, likes, and comments. Higher engagement is rewarded with more views.

With closed captions, your dental videos are accessible to users who are hard of hearing or deaf. People can watch your dental videos in a library or on train.


YouTube Video Optimization

The Description Box

Adding content to your video description is the very best option when it comes to showing off your transcript on your YouTube dental videos. You can add 4,850 characters in the description field, which is generally enough, even for transcripts with heavy dialogue.

Your video description is front and center when it comes to the search engines crawlers. Ask Dentainment how you can create naturally keyword rich content for your chosen topic. It really is great for SEO.


YouTube Video Optimization

Video Transcript Translation

If you add subtitles in multiple languages for your viewers, your audience will expand. In fact, Google has stressed the importance of multi-lingual subtitles. You may not want to attract a worldwide audience, but not everyone in your area will speak English.

When you add foreign language subtitles to your transcripts, you are allowing everyone to learn more about your dental practice.

According to Dentainment, the search engines will index the caption files that have been translated giving your video a higher ranking. This is huge for SEO as you have an increased chance of ranking higher.

YouTube Video Optimization


When you engage your audience, you are optimizing your video content and your YouTube channel. Annotations allow you to increase user engagement.

Annotations are, “Clickable text overlays,” on YouTube. This can include anything from your dental practice background to links that relate to similar content. You can even use annotations to entice viewers to subscribe to your channel and for call to actions.


YouTube Video Optimization is crucial if you want your dental video campaign to make a presence on the World Wide Web

Dentainment can help you create effective Calls to Actions that will be creatively placed on your dental practice YouTube page, video description or in the actual video. When you work with Dentainment, you can be assured that you will not appear spammy with too many calls to actions.

If your YouTube Video Optimization could use some improvement, call or click and schedule an appointment with the YouTube Video Optimization experts from Dentainment.

It really will help your online presence. Call or click now.

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