6 Social Media Marketing Tips for the Win

Social media marketing is growing with more dental practices opting for paid ads. When you supplement your posts with paid for ads on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube you will see an increase in fans and followers.

Most people who use social media are on it every day scrolling through dozens of posts skipping over the the less than eye catching ones.

Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to make your  paid for ads stand out from the crowd.

Paid for Ad Tips for Success


1. Go Vertical for Video

Most people hold phones vertically on social media. Unlike people who go horizontal for long form programming, Instagram and Facebook Users tend to hold phones vertically. If you aren’t creating videos for a vertical audience you’ll lose half the screen. This is especially important for explainer and product and services videos.

2. Less Text is Better for Facebook and Instagram Ads

If you are using images in your ad aim for fewer words and a smaller font. Mobile text is smaller than laptop and desktop text making test that is too large annoying to the user. Less is always more, especially when it comes to tempting an audience with social media ads. Research also indicates pictures with less than twenty percent give better results.

3. Shorten Your Text for Social Media Marketing

People scan fast on social media. In fact, it takes approximately 3 seconds for people to recognize ads on desktop and laptop, while mobile users see ads in just 0.4 seconds. Your text must be short, concise and clear if you want people to see and understand your ad.

4. Carousel Your Dental Practice for Optimum Exposure

The carousel feature allows advertisers to post a variety of images for users to scroll through. Best of all, there is no additional cost. This is an excellent tool if you are showing off lots of brand images or products. Using the carousel on social media is an excellent way to promote your dental practice.

5. Use Movement with Social Media Stories

When you create a dental marketing ad using stories there are free templates that will automatically animate your social media marketing ad. These free templates allow you to edit the fonts, images and colors as well. Adobe Photoshop Express, Boomerang and Hyperlapse are all free apps that are excellent for ad movement.

6. Social Media Marketing and Calling Users to Action 

If users like what they see, a strong call to action will make them want to learn more about your dental practice. The Call to Action buttons on both Instagram and Facebook encourage potential patients to go a little bit further by engaging with your social media marketing ad. Try different CTA buttons and see where your audience takes action.

Success with Social Media Marketing

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