6 Dental Marketing Tips You Can Use and Manage

Dental marketing helps you tell the world about your dental practice. Conventional marketing isn’t so conventional anymore. Knowing what to do and how to do it can help you beat out the competition.

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Below are some tips from Dentainment to help you become better at dental marketing.

1. Do Your Dental Marketing Research

Check out the competition. Head to their website, sign up for their newsletter, and join their social media pages. Sign up as a subscriber to their blog and read what they are writing about. Researching the competition, helps you identify your strong points and your weaknesses.

2. Establishing and Marketing your Brand

Your brand is much more than the logo your team wears on their scrubs every day. Your brand is who you are. When you create a brand that is consistent, including your voice, color scheme, and message, you want it to be consistent.

Make sure that your brand conveys your thoughts and feelings about your dental practice. Your brand is what patients associate with when they see it.

3. Dental Marketing Means Getting Involved

When you become an active member of any community, including social media, you are establishing a name for yourself. When you become active in your community, you can sponsor a sports team or pay a visit to the local high school on career day. You can even give away goodie bags with toothbrush kits when you attend community events.

4. Pinpoint your Dental Marketing Demographic

Do you cater to a specific target market, or do you have a general practice? If your dental practice specializes in pediatric or cosmetic dentistry let people know about it. When you target your dental marketing, you are deciding what types of patients you would like to attract.

5. Postcards are Still Relevant when it Comes to Dental Marketing

Direct mail postcards still work and are very cost effective. Dentists who use postcards can attract dozens of patients every month. Direct dental mail campaigns are time tested and effective. Decide where you want to target your mailing. You may want to do a saturation mailing or target specific areas around your dental practice.

6. Dental Marketing Needs to Be Clear

People are busy. Prospective patients want to know what you are talking about immediately, and most importantly, what you are offering. If time is spent figuring out your message, most won’t even bother. Clever ads can be confusing. Make sure your message is clear and concise.

For more dental marketing tips, talk to the experts from Dentainment. Dentainment can help you plan a strong strategy that will increase your dental flow.

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