5 Ways to Market your Eco Friendly Dental Office

Learning how to market your Eco Friendly Dental Office can be difficult, and if you are an Eco Friendly dental Office that is having a tough time with social media marketing, blogging or even a mobile friendly website Dentainment, the dental marketing experts have some tips that may help you market your environmentally friendly dental practice.

Recent studies show that patients who are environmentally friendly are very health conscious and well educated. People who seek out an Eco Friendly Dental Practice are also top earners who put healthy living at the top of the list.

So how can you successfully market your Eco Friendly Dental Office?

Social MediaDentainment understands how tough it can be to market your green dental practice, but thanks to social media, you can spread the word. Consumers who are eco-conscious are extremely active on social media and rank among the top when it comes to internet users. Eco aware people also tend to use a variety of platforms for social media.

Social media users are passionate. When you post, talk about your Eco Friendly Dental Office. Integrate your social media so that you can educate your patients and potential patients. Your content will be shared giving people the opportunity to see what you are really all about.

Blogging-One of the best ways to optimize your Eco Friendly Dental Practice is with a dental blog. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly blogs will help spread the word. When you optimize your blogs, you will be reaching a larger audience who will share your blogs and your social media pages.

Blogging will boost your presence on the World Wide Web. With in-bound links to your dental practice, you will see your subscriber base grow. People who are interested in a dental practice that is Eco Friendly are also very loyal. If your fans like what they read and see in your blog, and on your social media posts, they will be more likely to share.

Check-In-There is nothing more important than checking-in. Encourage your patients to check in when they arrive. Patients can check in on Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare.

Have a competition and offer prizes to the patient who gets the most likes for their check in. Ask your patients to post pictures on Instagram and encourage them to write reviews and share their dental experiences with friends and friends of friends on social media.

Facebook Live-Facebook Live is the best thing to hit the internet since, well, maybe since forever. With Facebook Live, you can show off your Eco Friendly Dental Office by going Live on Facebook. Just make sure that you let your patients know ahead of time before you go Live so they can be ready when you do. If you are unsure about using Facebook Live, talk to Dentainment who can help you learn how to go Live on Facebook and attract more patients.

YouTube-YouTube is the place to be if you want to market your Eco Friendly Dental Office. When you film a YouTube video, make sure that you use a decent camera and purchase a photo kit for your phone. Shoot in a well-lit area and write a script or storyboard before you start filming. Your subject matter could be anything from an introduction to your practice to shooting an actual procedure on a real patient.

Marketing your Eco Friendly Dental Office doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you work with the dental marketing team from Dentainment. Call or click and learn how to market your Eco Friendly Dental Office today.