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5 Voice Search Tips for your Dental Office Website


Voice search is convenient and it’s fast. Voice search allows users to find your dental practice on the go.

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How will voice search shape your dental practice online marketing? According to Podium, SEO strategies are being developed to make voice search easier to use.

Below are some tips that will Help Your Dental Practice Prepare for Voice Search

Natural Speech Patterns for Voice Search

Like most people, you probably don’t type the same way that you speak. When people search for a dentist online with a keyboard, “Dentist Santa Barbara,” would by typed in. If you were to speak the question, it would read something like, “Where can I find a dentist in Santa Barbara?” Because of the trend, your website content needs to utilize natural speech keyword phrases.

Programming for Voice Search is More Refined

In 2012, error word rate was up around 20 percent. Thanks to the programmers, it is about 8 percent. That means the technology is getting better adept at picking up speech patterns and quirks.

Long Tail Keywords for Search

Short tail keywords are becoming a thing of the past as technology considers natural voice phrases more relevant. It is vital that you include long tail keywords in your content if you want to attract the search engines.

Long tail conversational keywords are being used to increase SEO. These involve specific keywords and phrases that users are saying to locate a product or service. Keywords that best describe your dental practice must be detailed so that a potential patient can find your dental practice.

Mobile is Huge

You would have to be living under a rock if you didn’t understand the importance of mobile. Focusing your marketing for voice search on a mobile device is imperative for your dental marketing campaign. Ask Dentainment how you can optimize your content for mobile devices. This will help your practice rank higher.

The mobile friendly test offered by Google is a good way to see how your website pages rank in a mobile search.

Loading is Vital

Compress your pictures for optimum loading and get rid of flash. Flash isn’t compatible with mobile technology and will send potential patients to the competition.

For more information regarding voice search for your dental practice, call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with Dentainment.