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5 Tips to Help with Google Click Messages


Google Click Messages

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Google Click Messages have changed the way people locate products and services. In the past businesses and organizations could buy television, radio and newspaper ads, list in the Yellow Pages or pay the big bucks for a massive billboard.

Podium explains that traditional marketing is used to create customer awareness, but is no longer, and hasn’t been for quite some time, the primary source for advertising. Searching online is now at the top of the charts when it comes to marketing for Dental Offices.

Google Click Messages

When Google recognized that customers were preferring text messages from businesses instead of a phone call, the King of the search engines decided to add something new to the lineup, Google Click Messages.

To access your Google Click Messages all you have to do is:

  • Log Into Your Google Business Account
  • Select Messaging in the Left Menu
  • Verify with Google’s Sent Code

Now that your Google Click Messages account is sent up, Dentainment has 5 tips for using text messages to contact your clients.


If a consumer has a question regarding your products and services it is imperative that you answer those queries immediately. If you can’t get to those questions immediately, your competition will probably get their business.

Don’t Ask for Sensitive or Personal Info via Text

Never ask people for banking information, credit card information or their social security number. Text messages may see secure, but they are not encrypted which makes sensitive data vulnerable.


Ask your customers for feedback via text. Often times consumers couldn’t be bothered filling out a long survey, however, research shows that they will answer your questions via text as it comes across as less intrusive and more personal.


Use Google Click Messages to ask your customers for reviews. It’s a great way to collect feedback for Google My Business listings. Because you are already signed into Google with your Google Click Messages, it is easy for consumers to post a review about your products and services.

Add Me

With Google Click Messages, you can build a loyal customer base. You can reinforce their loyalty with a text with your vCard and contact info. Once a customer has access to your contact information, they can call you directly eliminating one more step.

If you would like more information regarding Google Click Messages, contact the dental marketing experts from Dentainment.  

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