5 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is an essential part of your dental practice ad campaign.

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By incorporating thought provoking Tweets and posts into your overall social media marketing strategies, you can increase dental flow and online presence.

1. Buying and Social Media

Purchasing behaviors have changed over the past 10 years with consumers beginning, and even ending their buying journey online. By optimizing your content over multiple platforms, you will begin to see how effective social media marketing really is. According to Podium, if you aren’t using social media, you aren’t reaching your potential.

2. Social Media Marketing Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Every dental practice should be using social media to boost their online presence. If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you already know how important social media is, regardless of the business. The professionals from Dentainment can help you incorporate social media marketing into your dental practice marketing campaign with proven tactics that yield results.

3. Brand Awareness with Social Media Marketing

One of the most profitable and stress free ways to increase the visibility of your brand is with social media. By creating social media business profiles, you can network with patients and potential ones. Ask Dentainment how a few hours a week can boost your online presence.

4. Patient Engagement with Social Media

Engaging with patients and friends of patients on social media is an excellent way to grow your brand. It’s easy to communicate with people via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. There are dozens of ways to grow your dental practice using smart social media marketing.  Crafting creative, fun and memorable content on a regular basis is key!  If you’re looking for some ideas to post, download our new Dental Marketing App called DentalYear.

5. Brand Loyalty with Social Media Marketing

A strong social media presence makes it easy for patients to find you. When you connect via social media, you are increasing your rate of customer retention and patient loyalty. By developing a loyal following, your patient base will grow with the patients that you want. When you customize your social media presence, you will attract the right type of patients to your dental practice whether you are focusing on cosmetic dentistry, or dental implants.

If social media marketing is leaving you in the dark, call or click and talk to the professionals from Dentainment today.