5 Local SEO Tips for Your Dental Practice

LOCAL SEO, or Local Search Engine Optimization, allows you and your dental practice to optimize your website for unpaid or organic marketing.


Because Google and the other search engines want to give users the best possible experience, SEO is vital, especially when it comes to the local market.

LOCAL SEO is Vital

Local SEO is imperative for dentists, as most dental practices are not marketing to people in other states. If a person is looking for a dentist in Boise, you want to make sure that your search engine optimization is on point.

SEO isn’t easy, but there are some things you can do to help your dental practice.

1. Google My Business

If you haven’t claimed your dental practice on Google, do so now. Make sure you optimize your dental practice using appropriate keywords and keyword phrases. Include some images that show of your business, your contact information, and your hours. The more specific the better.

Include everything you can on your Google My Business page so that potential patients can find out more about you, your team, and your dental practice.

2. Be Consistent with Local SEO

Stay consistent with your brand. When you create your Local SEO, use the same name, address and phone number, or NAP, style on all of your platforms and websites. When you stay within your stylebook, you are providing consistent information to patients and potential ones. If you have different fonts all over the place, people are not going to see you as consistent.

People like consistency and will be more likely to click through if you are following your dental practice brand and style.

3. SEO, Local and Targeted Keywords

Dentainment recommends that you be specific when you are describing you, your team, and your dental practice. Just putting in, “dentist,” doesn’t cut it anymore. The best way to reach someone who is looking for a dentist in your area is to include the name of the city and neighborhood.

Add specific details such as Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry while including the geographic keywords and keyword phrases. This works great for your social media as well.

4. Give Them What They Want for Local SEO

When you provide users with the information they want, you will see an increase in dental flow. Potential patients want your phone number, address, hours, services, payment information and most importantly, they want to read patient testimonials. Being relevant instead of redundant is what Google and the other search engines are all about. In addition it will do wonders for your local seo.

Do some research and find out what the competition is doing. This will let you see who is hitting the top of the organic search engine list.

5. SEO and Third Party Search Engines

Everyone knows that Google My Business is essential, but so are the other search engines. YouTube, the Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, Bing, and Refer Local are all great sites to expand your presence on the World Wide Web.

By now you probably know how important Facebook and Instagram are to dental practice marketing, but sites like Nextdoor and LinkedIn are great platforms to market your dental practice.

If you would like to learn more about local SEO for your dental practice, call and talk to an expert from Dentainment. You will be amazed at how quickly your online presence will improve.

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