5 Holiday Social Media Marketing Ideas


The celebrations have begun and if you and your team are getting ready to wind down for the holidays, it’s time to put some cheer into your social media marketing.

Most people love this time of year and if the dentist’s office is on the to do list make it a little extra special by adding holiday cheer to your posts.

A little Something Extra for Social Media Marketing

From happy snaps by the reception desk to before and after shots of a new smile, adding a little extra surprise is something people will remember AND share on their social media pages.

Below are a few more things you can do to spruce up your social media marketing posts

1. Get Creative~Get creative and jump outside of the box when you post. If someone is assigned to the task, make sure you clue them in on your holiday social media marketing ideas. Do some research and see what other dental practices are doing creatively for their social media marketing.

2. Take Daily Videos~If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you will know how important video is to your overall campaign. Be sure that you or a member of your team always has a camera on hand to take daily videos. Daily videos can be anything from a chat with a patient to a tour of your dental practice.

3. Photo Opportunity~Most people love photo opportunities, especially during the holidays. Set up a place in your reception area with a holiday themed background where people can take pics with you and your team. Better yet, see if you can get Santa or an Elf in the house for a day or two.

4. Go Live on Instagram and Facebook~Pick a day to go virtual with your fans and followers. You can hold a live competition or give away a free dental checkup for the holidays. Again, be creative when you go live and don’t forget to give your audience a heads up before your live date.

5. Post Fun Holidays on Social Media~Dentainments fun holidays calendar is a great way to connect. With so many fun holidays coming up you’ll have plenty to tweet and post about on social media. You’ll have to post about Time Travelers Day on December 8th next year, but you can still celebrate and share Cupcake Day on December 15.

Social Media Marketing for Dentists

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