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5 Digital Marketing Tips For Dentists that Won’t Let You Down


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Digital marketing works much quicker than conventional marketing.

digital marketing

10 years ago, dental practices relied on direct mail and other forms of marketing that are still relevant in today’s market, but won’t get the job done without combining digital marketing.

According to Podium, digital marketing is more than blogs and email blasts. Digital marketing must also include social media marketing, video marketing, and text messaging for business.

Below are 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Dental Practice

Visual Content is Imperative

Infographics, videos and images are powerful weapons that should be included in your digital marketing arsenal. Dentainment recommends video marketing to slice through the competition. The dental marketing experts can produce quality videos that will grow your dental flow and boost your online presence.


Giving readers a weekly or monthly blog, not only helps you gain trust, but can also make you a favorite on the search engines. Fresh content is the key to ranking high on the list. Google favors dental practices that provide users with unique content on a consistent basis.

Are White Papers Still Relevant?

Although white papers may seem outdated, they can still be useful to your dental practice. Recycle your white papers into easily digestible blog posts. In today’s short attention span world, you may see better results if you make your white papers into a blog or include in your monthly newsletter.

Get Those Phone Numbers and Email Addresses ASAP

Think back to all of the websites that you have visited in the last decade or so. Now consider how many of those websites you never visited again.

Those businesses lost your attention because the content wasn’t awe-inspiring. Your dental website needs to be filled with great content that is unique and relevant to your dental practice. Make sure potential patients know where to sign up for your blog or newsletter on every page on your dental practice website.

Email Marketing is still one of the most powerful tools for your Dental Practice.  We recommend sending these on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Please make sure to educate, rather than sell on all content.

Landing Pages for Digital Marketing

Landing pages allow your dental practice to focus on new products, services, and special offers. A landing page keeps your content and website fresh and will be favored on Google and the other search engines. Create a landing page and let your patients get to the point of your email blasts or newsletters.

If you would like more information regarding digital marketing for your dental practice, talk to the experts from Dentainment.

You really can increase your dental flow with powerful digital marketing strategies that will yield results.

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