4 Video Marketing Tips for Great Clips

Video marketing for your dental practice is one of the best ways to promote your business online. Ten years ago the only place you could place your videos was on YouTube and Vimeo, my how things have changed.

In today’s world, you can post videos on Facebook and Instagram; you can even post short clips on Snapchat and TikTok. Content remains king and that includes video content.

Video Marketing Tips

1. Your Camera

While you don’t have to hire a multimillion-dollar crew, it does pay to have a good camera to shoot your videos. You want your videos to reflect your dental practice. Most mobile phones come with excellent cameras with feature film quality. If you are unsure, do plenty of research before you buy a phone with a camera for video marketing.

2. Subject Matter for Video Marketing

Before you begin shooting, map out what you want to film. Make sure everyone understands what type of video you are shooting. Create a storyboard that explains the concept of your video. Write a script and do a test run if you are filming a long form video. Having a plan before you start rolling saves time and money for video marketing.

3.Video Marketing and Lighting

Avoid overhead lighting at all costs, as you will see shadows on faces that you would rather not. Windows provide good natural lighting. For flat light, balance using two sources of light on either side of your camera. Placing a light behind or just in front of your camera phone also works well.

4. Keep Your Background Clean

There is nothing worse than a distracting or messy background. Sheets, a large piece of material or backdrop paper are excellent options; just make sure the person stands a few feet away to avoid shadows. Professional backgrounds, such as your dental practice, are also great places to film dental marketing videos.

For more video marketing tips, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.