4 Video Marketing Ideas for your Dental Practice

Video marketing is the most powerful form of advertising on the net. Every day people watch billions of hours of video online.

Even more than photos, video is the best way to engage your patients, and people who are interested in learning more about your products and services.

Video Marketing Trends for 2019

video marketing

Vlogging and Video Marketing

Vlogging for your dental practice is huge with vloggers shooting every aspect of daily life. From mundane tasks such as making dinner, or more exciting vlogs such as flying overseas, dental practices have slowly started dipping their toes in the Vlogging water. Vlogging is great for video marketing.

Vlogging is expected to become even more popular in 2019 as it gives users a peek into your day. A vlog personalizes your dental practice.

Make it Live with Video Marketing

When you go live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or Instagram you are giving your audience the opportunity to chat in real time. Viewers can chime in on your live video. With live video your patients, and potential ones, feel like you are talking directly to them, and reality, you are.

According to Facebook, Live broadcasts on the popular social network in the world grew four times over 12 months.

360 Video Marketing for your Dental Practice

Every since 360-degree videos hit the scene they have proven themselves to be interactive and unique. When you incorporate 360 into your video marketing plan, you are immersing your audience into the experience.

By giving them a true taste of your adventure, you are connecting on a more personal level. Think about ways to incorporate 360-degree videos into your overall marketing plan.

Ads on YouTube for Video Marketing

Your television used to be the place where companies would advertise their products and services. With the ability to reach thousands of people, it was the way to go. Going into the New Year, things will be quite different.

Fewer companies are spending money on TV ads choosing to use most of the advertising budget on YouTube ads. YouTube ads are more cost effective and reach a larger audience. In fact, during prime time, YouTube is more popular than TV with the 18-plus crowd. Just another reason video marketing will be huge in 2019.

Make 2019 your best yet and include WebChat in your Dental Marketing initiatives.  Webchat is the best way to connect with your patients.

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