Google Click-To-Message

4 Tips for Setting up Google Click-To-Message

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Google My Business Click-To-Message is a new tool that is imperative for organic SEO, patient engagement and most importantly, new patient conversion.

Google Click-To-Message

With Google My Business, you can chat with your clients and customers who have found your practice on a Google Search. According to Podium Buzz, Google My Business Click-To-Message, can improve your customer service by answering questions. You can tell people how you got started and what your practice is all about. When you set up Google My Business Click-To-Message you can talk about your services and your specialties.

If you are following the Dentainment Blog, you will know that people appreciate Google My Business Click-To-Message more than a phone call.

Let’s Get Started

To begin, go to your Google Click-To-Message page and sign in. In your Home Menu, you will see a, “Messaging,” card. Make sure you provide the phone number of your dental practice so that you are able to receive SMS messages. This will make it possible for you to respond to patients. Be aware that data and standard message SMS rates may apply.

Google Click-To-Message

Be Responsive

Being responsive is crucial. Patients and potential patients rely on prompt replies. People won’t wait long for you to respond and will go to the next dental practice on the list. Your average response time will be shown when a patient messages you. You can see it as well on your, “Messaging,” card on your Home menu.

Avoid Sensitive Data and Content

Don’t ask for sensitive information while chatting with a patient when you are using Google Click-To-Message. Sensitive information to be aware of includes, but is not limited to:

1. Social Security numbers
2. Government Identification numbers
3. Credit card numbers

When you avoid sensitive content, your chats are safe. Make sure that you read all Google polices before using Google Click-To-Message.

Google Click-To-Message

Use Allo Instead

When you use Google Click-To-Message, you can use Google Allo instead of SMS when responding to messages.

All you have to do is:

1. Download Google Allo from the iOS or Android Play Store
2. Register with Allo using the same number that you used when you signed up for Google Click-To-Message
3. You will see messages on Allo instead of SMS

Opting Out

You can opt out of Google Click-To-Message at anytime by:

1. Signing into Google My Business
2. Clicking on your, “Messaging,” card on your Home Menu
3. Click Opt Out
4. Click Turn Off

Google Click-To-Message

You can start messaging at any time by turning the Google Click-To-Message feature back on.

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