Faster Website

4 Tips for a Faster Website


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A faster website will increase your online presence and dictate your user experience.

Faster Website

If you have website that is slow to load, you will lose potential patients, or even the patients that you already have.

According to Podium, media consumption must be instantaneous or no one will visit. While patience may be a virtue in some instances that is certainly not the case when it comes to media consumption. People want what they want now or they will go elsewhere.


Remember that:

  1. 40% of users will leave a website if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds
  2. 47% of potential patients expect your web pages to load in 2 seconds
  3. 73% of users say they have come across websites that don’t load fast enough

You do the math. If you have 100 people visit your dental website and it is slow to load, you have lost forty potential patients.

Below are Some Tips for a Faster Website

What’s it built on?

Find out what your website is built on. This is important. If you have code that is outdated or cluttered, a redesign could be the answer.

Image Size

Never upload pictures straight from your Smartphone. Make sure you crop first. Size is everything when it comes to the pictures you put on your website.

Make sure you use images that are no larger than 800 x 800. 95% of images do not need to be any larger than that unless it is for a specific banner or something similar. If you want a faster website check your image size before you upload.

Cache is King

Make sure that you cache pre-loads for all of your dental practice content. If you have a large dental practice website that is filled with dozens of posts, pages and products, a cache will give you a faster website.

Measuring your Speed

If your users are having a bad experience, you can measure the speed. Although the accuracy of these online tools is never 100%, it can get you on the right track. You will certainly know if your website is slow to load. Ask Dentainment how you can test the speed of your dental practice website.

With mobile use outrunning desktop and laptop use, your website must be optimized for speed.

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