4 Social Media Marketing Tips You Can’t Ignore


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Social media marketing is essential. When done the right way, social media marketing can boost your online profile and your reputation. When you Tweet, Pin and Post on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, fans and followers will see you as a, “Friendly,” dental practice.


Dentainment are the social media marketing experts and understand the fine line between posting the right content and posting content that will turn users off in droves.

Consistency is Vital for Social Media Marketing

Consistency is the key when it comes to social media marketing. By being consistent with your fans and followers, they know you are paying attention to your dental practice profile. Focus on one or two social media platforms, and resist the urge to have profiles on every network.

Ask your patients where they spend their time on social media. This will help you stay consistent. If you have a large percentage of female patients who love Pinterest, you may want to consider pinning your services. Just be aware of what you share.

Social Media Marketing is a Two Way Street

If you are only sharing self-promotional information, you are not engaging your audience. Get the attention of your fans and followers by engaging them. When you engage you are showing that you care about them and what they have to comment and post on your page.

When you listen to what your patients have to say, you are actively participating in an online conversation. Produce content that identifies patient challenges. Ask the important questions such as:

  • What are your dental concerns?
  • What can we do to solve your issues?
  • What inspires you?
  • What do you expect from a dentist?
  • Post engaging and inspiring content

80/20 for Social Media Marketing

Post entertaining and useful content 80 percent of the time and promote your products and services the remaining 20 percent. By using the 80/20 rule, you are attracting the attention of your audience by sharing dental holidays or dental hygiene tips. You can even share patient success stories, as this will others feel comfortable when they visit your dental practice.

Social Media Loves Videos

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are promoting videos more than ever. When you create powerful 90-second videos that are both entertaining and useful, you can share across multiple social media platforms. Social media marketing is easy with video.

Video is considered the heaviest form of multi-media content and really POPS on people’s timelines!  The latest statistics on video marketing are tremendous.

Whenever we post video content for our clients, these perform the best organically and with paid Social Media Advertisements.

Some Ideas Include:

  • Sharing patient testimonials
  • Shooting live Q and A sessions in your dental practice
  • Streaming live at dental conferences or local events that you attend
  • Recording video tours of your dental practice
  • Announcing social media contest winners
  • Videotaping procedures

Call or click for more social media marketing tips, and don’t forget to check out Webchat. Webchat is an amazing application that will streamline your dental practice.

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