4 Facebook Live Tips to Have in your Arsenal


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Facebook Live is one of the best ways to get your dental practice noticed on social media. When you go live on Facebook, you are showing the world your personal side.


Dentists don’t always have the best reputation and are rarely on the top ten of fun things to do, however, Facebook Live can change the way your users see you and your dental practice. Just be aware that you’ll need to plan your broadcast before you go live.

Below are four tips to help you give the best Facebook Live performance of your life.

1. Practice Makes Perfect on Facebook Live

Plan your broadcast. Come up with three discussion points. Remember, product demonstrations need to be tested beforehand to make sure the product actually works.

If you are giving a tour of your dental practice, you want to be sure that the rest of the team is on-board, and don’t forget to practice. Just like anything, practice makes perfect.

When you rehearse your live performance, you will appear more natural. Although you have a plan, don’t forget to have some fun and be a bit spontaneous. Go with the flow and you will come across as more personable.

2. Don’t Let Your Nerves Get the Better of You

It’s perfectly natural to be a bit nervous before going live in front of hundreds, or thousands, of viewers. If you are a FB Live newbie, you will feel nervous. This is nothing to worry about, as those butterflies in the pit of your stomach are a good thing.

Keep in mind that your broadcast will probably have some flaws, you will undoubtedly make some mistakes, and it won’t be perfect. This works in your favor as viewers love watching live broadcasts as there is always the possibility that something might go wrong.

3. Remember to Promote your Facebook Live Event

Promotion is the key when it comes to Facebook Live. You want people to know about your future broadcasts. Create posts a week ahead to let your audience know about your upcoming Facebook Live event.

You can even film a short video advertising your intentions. If you are planning a live demonstration, film a 10-second clip teasing your audience about the content of your broadcast. This is a great way to entice patients and potential ones.

4. Roll with your Facebook Live Broadcast

Make sure that you keep your live broadcast to a maximum of 5 minutes. If you are planning a long form video, a prerecorded video will give you better retention. Of course, there are videographers who have mastered the art of long form Facebook Live broadcasts, but long form Facebook Live videos take time and practice.

Going Live on Facebook is an excellent way to increase your dental flow. Talk to Dentainment about a dental marketing strategy that incorporates video into the overall plan.

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