4 Dental Office Marketing Video Tips

6 Minute Read
Video marketing is at the top of the list when it comes to dental office marketing.
From Facebook Live to YouTube and other digital avenues, you can share your video content to the world. However, before you jump in front of the camera there are some things to remember before your director yells, “Action.”

Below are some on camera tips for dental office marketing that you can incorporate into your overall dental marketing strategies.


1. Lighting is Essential for Dental Office Marketing Videos

Lighting can make or break your video. Use as much light as you can as it will make a huge difference in your production. If your space lacks light, you run the risk of looking like an amateur, even if it is on point in all other aspects.

A. Shooting Outdoors

The sun is your best light source for dental office marketing videos. If you are using natural light, morning or evening light is best, as it is softer. Filming around noon causes unnatural shadows that aren’t the most flattering. If you must film midday, do so when it is cloudy, or look for a shady spot as the production will be much softer.

B. Shooting Indoors

If you are shooting indoors be careful to turn off your overhead lighting as again it will cast an unflattering light on your subjects. Windows work well for natural light as do a couple of large lamps that you have around the office.

Before you set up think about the final product. Are you looking for hard, flat, or soft light, or do you want to dramatically light up your subjects face. If you are using hard light with shadows, be careful not to be too dramatic as it can sometimes distract your viewers.

2. A Clean Background for Dental Office Marketing Videos

You must be deliberate when you are setting up your background. Anything less will look sloppy and unprofessional. Make sure the area you are filming in is free from clutter as it will distract viewers.

Use a solid colored background or invest in a backdrop online. Large backdrop paper or a large piece of fabric also work well. Keep your subjects well away from the backdrop as this will cast shadows.

Shooting in a professional environment is essential. Thankfully dentists already have the location built in, just be careful not to catch your camera in a mirror or window.

3. Audio for Crisp Dental Office Marketing Videos

The audio portion of your video is more important than overall quality. Even the most professional looking dental videos will fall flat if the sound volume is bad or if the voice quality is fuzzy. Investing in a good microphone will eliminate guessing when it comes to sound quality.

Keep your subjects as close to the mic as possible. If you want to eliminate pops, blips and crackles, add a pop filter to your microphone. This also helps remove background noise.

4. Keep the Camera Still for Dental Marketing Videos

There is nothing more unprofessional looking than a shaky video. While it may be okay for those America’s Funniest Home Videos’, it isn’t okay for dental office marketing videos. If you subscribe to the Dentainment Blog, you will remember that a tripod helps keep your camera still.

Once you have your camera set up avoid panning all over the place as it is a distraction. Instead of moving from shot to shot use your editing skills and cut from shot to shot.

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