4 Dental Marketing Ideas for Dental Flow

Now is the perfect time to grow your practice with sound dental marketing solutions that actually work. For that reason and many more, marketing is essential for all business, including dental practices.

Below are four tried and true dental marketing tips that will help you increase dental flow.

1. Target Major Neighborhoods with Local SEO

Dental practices are local. Consequently, that means targeting your area is imperative. If your dental practice is located in a fairly large market, such as Los Angeles, but you are located in an inner suburb such as Brentwood or Beverly Hills, it’s best to target those areas.

It should be noted that local SEO means targeting the local areas using keywords such as, “Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist.” Use Keywords Everywhere to help you and your dental practice determine which keywords and keyword phrases people are using in your local area.

2. Get Involved with a Local Non Profit for Dental Marketing

Getting involved with the local community is an excellent way to spread the word about your dental practice. For example, try partnering with a nonprofit in your area, or consider providing dentistry to your local community. Giving back is an excellent way to grow your dental practice and increase your local presence.

Consider sponsoring a local sports club or start a dental program at the local high school. There really is no better way to advertise your dental practice. Local non-profits are also excellent for word of mouth advertising.

3. Answer FAQ’s in Blog Posts for Dental Marketing

Blog posts, FAQ pages, and eBooks are excellent for content marketing. People looking for a dentist search questions that are related to teeth and gums and oral health.

For example, “Why do my gums bleed?” gets more than 2000 searches every month. Firstly, do some research and find the most commonly asked questions and don’t forget to ask your patients. Address those questions in your blog posts. FAQ blog posts also increase visibility while helping local SEO and organic marketing.

4. A New Website for Dental Marketing

A well-designed website that reflects your practice is essential. For that reason, a website that is outdated could send patients to the next dentist on the list.

To illustrate, your website needs to be compatible with all devices. Remember, over 50 percent of the world’s population use Smartphone’s for internet access. If you are not mobile friendly, you will lose potential patients.

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