3 Ways to Use Personalization and Patient Engagement in Your Dental Practice

personalization and patient engagement

Personalization and patient engagement is imperative, especially in this day and age. When a personalized approach is used to engage, you can target products and services dependent on the patient’s individual needs.

Personal motivation is the key when it comes to behavioral changes. By using customized content and resources, you can engage your patients by connecting them with the latest information to keep them informed whether they are considering dental implants, or have been thinking about scheduling a consultation for a smile makeover.

Personalization and patient engagement should be used at all times, not just occasionally.

Below are three ways to use personalization and patient engagement in your dental practice:

personalization and patient engagement

Text Messaging

Podium understands how important text messaging is, and if you have been reading Buzz, you will know that communicating with your patients via text is the best way to get the message across immediately.

When your team sends text messages to patients, always start your text by addressing the patient by name. For example, personalize your text messages with, “Hi Kevin, Dr. Johnson is looking forward to seeing you for your comprehensive dental exam tomorrow, March 19th,” or, “This is Jennifer from Dr. Noble’s office. We are so excited that your dental restorations are ready Rebecca; please call the office for an appointment time.” When you address your patients by name, it becomes more personal.

personalization and patient engagement

Email Newsletters

Today treating the immediate problem is not always the focus. The medical world is focusing on preventive medicine in order to avoid unnecessary problems. Target your patients with informative and educational dental education and news that can help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Do your research and compose your newsletters around hot topics such as the link between heart disease and gum disease. When you target what’s trending, you will see an increase in your dental flow.

When you research, your topics for your email newsletters get your patients engaged. You could do an email blast asking for suggestions for newsletter topics, or run a competition on social media. Ask Dentainment for more suggestions regarding personalization and patient engagement.

personalization and patient engagement

Phone Calls

Addressing the person by name is the most important part of personalization and patient engagement. It may be tempting for your receptionist to just say, “Hi, your dental checkup is at 1:00 pm tomorrow,” however, the patient isn’t going to think it’s very personal. Going to the dentist isn’t exactly a favorite activity and you want to make sure your patients feel good about coming to see you.

Coach your team and give them a script. Make sure they always address patients by their first name, sound happy, and engaged. Even voicemail should sound informative and engaging. “Hi Sally, this is Joanne from Dr. Evans office. Your new porcelain veneers have arrived and are ready to be placed!” Please call us for an appointment time. We can’t wait to see your new smile!”

Regardless of the interaction, it must be personal. By engaging your patients outside of the office with text messages, email and phone calls you will keep them informed.

Take control of your personalization and patient engagement and talk to Dentainment today.

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