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3 Voice Search Tips for Your Dental Practice


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When Apple introduced the world to Siri back in 2011, the future had arrived. Artificial Intelligence was here and had finally become a reality.

Thanks to voice search, the planet could now live like the Jetsons with a personal assistant available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

voice search

Having a personal assistant at your fingertips in your purse or pocket was thought of as revolutionary. However, those first experiences with AI left a nasty taste in the mouth.

Questions were misunderstood with most results missing the mark completely. Thankfully, over the years there have been tremendous improvements in voice recognition.

According to Podium, Google now has a 95 percent accuracy rate for English. That’s up 20 percent from 2013. What’s more important is that research indicates that voice search will be by 50 percent by 2020.

Why You Need Voice Search for Dentists

The whole purpose of voice search is to meet consumer needs. When you give the user what he or she wants immediately, you are one-step ahead of the competition. As humans, we talk quicker than we type. AI has made it possible to give results within seconds.

These days 41 percent of people use voice search at least once a day. Information is literally available at the tip of your tongue. Patients can ask Google to find a cosmetic dentist in Orange County, or locate a dental clinic that provides dental implants.

Although it is unlikely that voice search will surpass conventional searching any time in the near future, it is important to note how vital it is to your SEO strategies.

1. Alexa, How Do I Get My Practice Ready for Voice Search?

Dentainment advises that before you begin, take ownership of your footprint. You may think AI knows everything, but in actuality, they are only sourcing their information from the net. That means that are only as intelligent as the information they are sourcing.

When you manage the content on your dental website along with third parties, such as social media and review sites, you will see results. It is also an excellent way to make sure that your information is current.

2. Fewer Keywords for Voice Search

Because voice differs greatly from regular type search, how you place your keywords and the way you focus your content is important. Focus on impactful keywords. Detainment recommends that you start by optimizing the first couple of pages and go from there. In a perfect world, you want your dental content to be in the, “Answer Box,” for top keywords.

3. Simple is Best for Voice Search

Being able to ask a question naturally is just part of the attraction of voice search. Of course, this leads to high expectations.

Unlike a computer search where consumers must think about what to type for optimum results, users experiment with shorter keywords and phrases that will help AI. Make sure your content targets those shorter keywords and keyword phrases.

Voice search is growing. Talk to Dentainment and find out how you can increase your dental flow with sound voice search strategies that work.

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Starting to rank high for Voice Searches at your Dental Office will be hugely important for overall success.

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