3 Social Media Marketing Trends for Dentists to Watch in 2019

It’s 2019 and that means it’s time to take control of you social media marketing strategies. Letting social media slide by doesn’t work anymore, and if you are haphazardly posting and tweeting on a whim, it could hurt your online profile.


According to Dentainment, a strong social media marketing campaign earns trust. These days’ consumers are scrutinizing companies who post products and services online. Being bombarded by a dozen posts that seem to replicate themselves on all of your other social media posts builds a distrustful audience.

Social Media Marketing in 2019

1. Trust

This year sees a rebuilding of trust. Try personalizing your dental practice. Share meaningful content that users see as not so much a sales tactic but as an honest attempt to help patients and potential ones understand your dental practice on a more personal level. Share tips and fun dental holidays that your fans and followers will enjoy.

Once fans and followers see your practice as a place they want to visit every day, they will share your posts. More likes, comments, and shares help your reputation as a caring and thoughtful dentist. When done the right way, social media builds trust.

2. Quality over Quantity

Instead of posting a bunch of meaningless posts try being more thoughtful. Creative and fresh quality content goes a long way and will certainly boost your likes and shares. People who see your site as one with positive and informative messages will tag their friends helping you increase your dental flow.

When you or a team member creates your posts think about your audience. Put yourself in their shoes before you put pen to paper or lens to subject. Quality has always been and still remains King.

3. Branding and Selfie Videos

Selfie videos are becoming more popular drawing high interest on social media websites. Just like selfie photos, selfie videos allow your users to capture that one moment in time.

Video formats allow your followers and fans to communicate on a deeper level. Even more than pictures, videos truly show your users a more personal side to you and your dental practice.

Viewers spend countless hours watching friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Discover ways that you can include selfie videos in your overall social media marketing strategies.

Make 2019 Count for Social Media Marketing

2019 is going to be a big year for social media marketing and digital marketing. Discover a better way to connect with patients using Webchat, just one more way to increase your dental flow.

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