3 Must Have Video Marketing Tips for Dentists

Video is a vital component to every dental practice marketing campaign. Not including video marketing in your overall strategy is like forgetting to include your phone number on your website.

Video marketing is essential; however, if you have been following the Dentainment Blog, you will remember while video doesn’t have to look like a million dollar production, there are some must have components if you want to increase your fan base.

Conventional and Video Marketing for Dentists


While conventional advertising still works, it doesn’t work alone. Incorporating smart digital advertising techniques into your overall strategy builds your online presence. When you throw video marketing into the mix, you can’t lose.

Below are some additional tips to remember for dental practice video marketing.

1. Showcase Your Team and Your Dental Practice

If you have checked out the competition, you will see that most dental practices look similar. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to show off your practice and let potential patients know why your dental practice is unique.

Consider shooting a video that displays your dental practice. “A day in the life of,” so to speak, showing team and patient engagement. When you shoot the daily goings on in your dental practice people will feel more personally engaged with you and your dental team. This is also an excellent way to paint the right kind of picture for your business.

2. Get to the Point with Video Marketing

All too often businesses tend to lose focus, especially when it comes to video production. Including everything in one video is overwhelming to your audience. Consequently doing so will have less impactful results to your overall dental practice marketing strategies. Dentainment recommends that you spread your content over multiple videos. Consider creating a series that you release once a week or once a month as it will increase your subscriber base.

Create how to videos and video testimonials. You can even create a monthly podcast highlighting your products and services. The more videos you produce and optimize, the better your search engine results. Don’t forget, YouTube is owned by Google giving you a better chance of getting to the coveted top spot after the paid for ads with smartly produced dental videos.

3. Video Marketing and an Inviting Environment

Dentists want to get patients excited about heading to their Practice!  In fact, you want patients to look forward to every single visit. While it’s important to show videos that share how technology works or how a procedure is performed, be careful not to get too graphic. You don’t want to promote fear in your viewers.

While it’s important to show off your new CEREC® machine or let people know you are a dental implant provider, there is a fine line when it comes to video production. Shoot videos that make people want to schedule an appointment. Once they are in the office and watching your TV’s make sure to include videos that positively promote your dental practice.

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