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3 More Social Media Marketing Trends 2019


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If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you will have learned three important social media trends for your dental practice in 2019.


Stay ahead of the competition with these additional social media marketing trends in 2019.

Social Media Marketing and Influencers

An Influencer is any figure on social media that has a tribe or community. If someone has reached their friends and followers limit on their personal page, you can bet they are considered an influencer.

From thousands to millions of followers, influencers are very effective when it comes to selling. People who follow people on social media trust that person to be honest and upfront.

Good influencers give a voice to the brand without sounding pushy. Good influencers know how to pitch a product.

Although influencer marketing isn’t as direct as conventional marketing, it gives your brand an authentic appeal that connects with users and potential dental patients.

Social Media Marketing and Segmenting

Most businesses have multiple audiences. That is especially true in the dental world. Most dental practices have a system that makes groups more manageable.

Social media marketing is the same way. When you organize your followers into segments or groups, you can customize your message. Segmenting your audience means you are targeting the right demographic.

With social media, it is especially important not to lump your audience together in one big group. By doing so, you are assuming who your audience is and why they are there. By adjusting your narrative to suit your audience, you are appealing to every group or segment.

Social Media Marketing Trends Targeted Personalization

In the digital world consumers expect the brand to have discounts and special offers that are exclusive to their demographic and what they are looking for. Dental practices need to target advertising by using the filtering systems offered by the various social media websites.

Just like social media, capturing patient information doesn’t have to be disruptive. Discover more social media marketing trends and don’t forget to ask how you can streamline your communications with WebChat.

Social Media For Dentists has so many fun and creativity possibilities!  Remember to stay ahead of the trends and keep up-to-date with Marketing News.