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3 Examples of Local Link Building for Your Dental Practice

Local link building is one of the best ways to get your name out in your local community, but there are some things you should know before you go crazy with link building.

Search engines treat links like popularity votes and have refined local link building to an art using complex algorithms that help users find what they are searching for. Although links aren’t everything when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, Podium believes that building links locally for your dental practice does play a large part when it comes to Search Engine Ranking Factors.

Through linking, search engines can analyze pages and websites based on popularity while measuring metrics authority, spam, and trust. However, there is a fine line when it comes to link building, as Google will penalize your dental practice if you go overboard with links.

Below are three examples of local link building for your dental practice

Business to Business

Ask local businesses about back linking. If a relationship has already been established it makes it easy to ask for a link back to your dental website. If you don’t know the company, ask if you can:

  • Participate in partner events
  • Offer a link exchange
  • Ask for a link to their resource page


Hosting your own event is an excellent way to generate back links to your dental practice. Hosting an event is one of the best ways to cross promote your brand on social media and an even better way to ask those involved for a back link.

Because it takes time and money to run an event you should have a genuine reason for the event and not just have it to build local links for your dental practice.


While hosting your own event does have benefits, sponsoring teams or events for other organizations can be even better.

When you sponsor a local Little League Team or your receptionists bowling league, you are getting double the exposure as the event probably has a website of its own where they will talk about your dental practice and your involvement in the club or event.

There are dozens of ways to market your dental practice whether it is getting a link for your local spinning studio where you completed 100 rides, or a link from your local restaurant that serves tooth friendly foods. The possibilities are endless.  Remember that creativity is so important for your overall Dental Marketing success.  Remember to included all Team Members in your strategy sessions, as this will allow them to become more engaged for capturing quality content on a consistent basis.

If you would like more information regarding dental marketing or local link building for your dental practice, call or click and talk to Dentainment today.

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