millennial generation

3 Dental Marketing Tips for the Millennial Generation


millennial generation

The millennial generation is changing the way people do business. According to Podium Buzz, millennial’s have now surpassed baby boomers with the gap continuing to grow.

Even though the millennial generation market is huge, some dental practices aren’t sure how to connect with them as their buying and shopping habits are far different than any generation that came before.

Most of the millennial generation grew up with Smartphone’s, the World Wide Web and Instant Messaging, which has now become their favorite way to communicate.

According to Dentainment, there are a few other things you can do to connect with the growing millennial market.

Kiss the Phone Goodbye

Reaching another person on the phone is getting more difficult every day. Dentainment explains that millennial’s are always near their phone, but will only answer it if it is necessary. The millennial generation relies on text messaging and messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

Unlike the phone, messaging doesn’t require both parties to make a connection. Millennial’s actually believe that messaging is more personal and thoughtful than a phone conversation. In fact, most millennial’s, boomers and gen-Xers prefer messages via text. However, only 48 percent of businesses have their own messaging tools and capabilities.

Makes it More Personal

Because millennial’s use text messaging to communicate with friends and family, they see messaging as a more intimate way to connect. Texting allows you to think about what you are saying before you say it.

When texting with the millennial generation, you need to forget what you learned about dental practice marketing. These days you can be much more casual when it comes to communication. Of course, you shouldn’t throw out all of the formalities, but you can be less formal than you would be with other generations.

Casual is Best

Because you aren’t seeing the person face to face or talking to them on the telephone conversation can become lost without body language or vocal tone quality. You can convey your tone with emojis and GIFS. This will also make your dental practice more human, casual, and informal.

Dentainment suggests that you don’t go overboard with GIFs and emojis. Be discreet and make sure that your patients are comfortable with this way of communication. The next time you talk to a patient who received an IM with an emoji or GIF, ask them how they felt about it.

Dental marketing to any generation, including the millennial generation isn’t difficult when you work with the team from Dentainment.

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