15 Reasons to Use Video Marketing

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Video marketing is more than going live on Facebook or creating fun videos for your patients to watch while they wait for their appointment.


Video marketing includes how to videos, explainer videos and video testimonials. Great video content is imperative for every dental practice, especially when you consider that 63 percent of businesses used video for advertising purposes in 2018.

According to Dentainment, adding video to your dental marketing campaign helps conversion rates by as much as 80 percent, but that’s not all. Below are some additional reasons to consider video marketing for your dental marketing campaign.

1. Video Marketing Helps Sales

Creating explainer videos helps patients, and potential ones, understand more about the product or service. Using an explainer video for your dental services or dental products is a great way to convert people who are on the fence about cosmetic dentistry or any other service that you offer in your dental practice.


A professional explainer video gives you the edge over the competition. Remember the most dominant sense is vision. Nearly all information that transmitted to your brain is visual. A picture really does paint a thousand words, even more so with video.

2. Boost ROI with Video Marketing

Video gives great return. Just ask people who use it. Dentainment explains that 83 percent of companies using video get an excellent ROI. Thanks to today’s technology, it won’t cost you a fortune to produce great video content for your dental practice.

With easy online editing tools and even your iPhone or Smartphone, you can make entertaining and educational videos for your dental practice. Although your videos don’t have to look like an Academy award winning film, they do need to make sense. Users are put off by video content that isn’t clear and concise.

3. Video Content Builds Trust

The foundation of sales is and always has been trust. However, you must remember that trust is a goal in itself. The content you create must be fresh and original if you want to build long-term relationships with patients.


Your goal is to provide the best content you possibly can. Don’t forget that promotional videos are trust builders as well.

By promoting your products and services, you are knocking down the walls of skepticism. When you stop selling and provide information that is useful to your users, you will see an increase in your dental flow.

Video engages users while igniting emotions. YouTube has made brands famous. Being serious about your video marketing is imperative if you want to reach your goals.

4. Engage your Lazy Buyers With Video Marketing

Video is the easiest way to communicate with lazy buyers. People don’t have time to read paragraphs of text just to find out about a product or service. Seeing the product or service in action is vital if you want to convert that user into a sale. Video marketing should be the driving force behind your digital marketing campaign.

Multi-tasking is a way of life. With video, you are capturing those eyes that are doing multiple things at once. Be sure that you are targeting the eyes and the ears of your potential patients as it gives you double the advantage.

5. Mobile Users and Video Marketing

Just walk down the street or through your local mall and you will find over half of the population on their Smartphone. In fact, 90 percent of people who use mobile phones watch videos.


Video consumption has grown by more than 233 percent since 2013. YouTube has reported that video consumption sees a rise of more than 100 percent annually. With those percentages growing, your potential audience gets larger and larger every year.

Google states that people who use their Smartphone’s are more likely to feel a personal brand connection with an ad on their iPhone, even more so than a television commercial.

6. Video Marketing and Google

Google adores video as it allows users to spend more time on your website. When users spend more time on your site, your rank is affected. The more time spent the more likely you will find yourself at the top of the search engine list, especially when you consider that Google owns YouTube. Videos affect your rank.

Dentainment cannot stress the importance of optimizing your video for SEO. Search engine optimization is crucial if you want results. You may have produced the most beautiful video in the world, but if it isn’t optimized, no one will see it. Add interesting titles and include a description with keywords that pertain to your video. This helps potential patients find your video in a search.

7. Video Marketing the Great Explainer

The world of dentistry is made up of complicated products and services. Most people don’t want to read pages of text just to find out about porcelain veneers or dental implants.


Explainer videos make explaining difficult concepts easy by providing educational content. By producing explainer videos, you are explaining to patients, and potential ones, what the product or service is, what it does, and what it can do for them.

With 98 percent of people watching explainer videos for more information, it’s a smart way to increase your dental flow. Try putting an explainer video on your home page. This is especially helpful if you are launching a new product or service.

8. Social Media and Video Marketing

Social media encourages video content. With most platforms offering new features for content providers, it’s easier for users to share content. Sharing is caring and when people share your content you are getting the best form of free advertising on the planet. Just remember to make your content entertaining and engaging. People won’t share boring video.

You can put an end to annoying banner ads with video marketing. Placing video ads on Facebook is an excellent way to expose your content. Because you can target your demographic, you have a better opportunity of reaching your target market. Don’t forget that total ad recall happens within the first few seconds of your video.

Create videos that encourage social sharing, as you will see an increase in your click through rate. The more traffic, the better chance you have of a good return on investment at the end of the year.

9. Video Marketing and Email Campaigns

Incorporating video into your email campaign is easy. Dental practices that incorporate video into email campaigns are seeing an increase in click through rate. With video, you get the message across and stand out from your competition.


Include a snippet of your latest explainer video in your email campaign, or introduce a new product or service. The object of your video email message is to get the recipient to click through to your website.

You can also include a video that welcomes potential patients to your website or a video that gives users a tour of your dental practice. With video, you can do just about anything to entice your email subscriber base.

10. Video Marketing Preferred over Text

Consumers are driving the video market. Video is the most powerful tool for conversion and lead generation. Most people don’t want to chat with an annoying salesperson, which is why they are shopping online in the first place.

Users also don’t want to read through paragraphs of text just to find out about a product or service. Video influences potential patients without being aggressive and annoying.

With that being said, when you create your videos, be sure to include text as well. Some users will scan your text before watching a video. Write an enticing lead in to your video to encourage people to keep watching.

11. Quality Video Marketing Content

When it comes to video content, quality is extremely important. Your production quality needs to be technically sound, but it doesn’t have to be a Best Picture winner. The better your production quality, the more trust you will probably garner, but if your content is lacking, it won’t make any difference. Creating fresh and unique content for your video marketing campaign is the first step when it comes to a better return on your investment.

Being good enough doesn’t cut it when it comes to a successful video marketing campaign. Be thoughtful when creating your video content. Keep it educational, entertaining, and most importantly, unique.

12. Tell a Story with Video Marketing

When coming up with a video marketing idea, be sure to tell a story. People don’t have a problem reading through instructions in an article, but try that in a video and you will lose viewers.


Create videos that provide an emotional connection to your viewers. Whatever format you are using aim for balance. Less technical and more emotional is the target.

Emotionally charged video testimonials are also an excellent way to tell a story. Ask patients for video reviews and you’re sure to spark an interest. People love to hear a heart tugging success story.

Film a testimonial with a patient who has just had a mouth makeover and you will hit an emotional chord with viewers, especially if you include a before and after video testimonial.

13. Video Marketing and Live Video Streaming

Adding live events to your video marketing toolbox is an essential part of any dental marketing campaign. Whether you are holding a Q&A session or conducting an interview with an influencer, you are building brand awareness. Live video is the best way to engage users.

Before Going Live on Any Social Media Platform Ask Yourself:

  • Is your video going to help humanize dentistry?
  • Will your video help you sell products and services?
  • Is your video going to improve consumer awareness?
  • Will your video gather audience data?
  • Will people want to share your Live video broadcasts?

14. Video Marketing for Sales and Support

Making things easy for your patients is the key. Using video marketing for sales and support is an excellent way to provide up to the minute solutions for your patients and potential ones.


There are multiple ways to improve your customer service with video marketing. Ask Dentainment how you can pre-record clips for customer support. By using short explainer videos on your website, people have the opportunity to learn more about a product or service.

15. Video Blogging for Dental Marketing

Most dentists know how blogging helps ROI. Google likes fresh content that is added on a weekly or even monthly basis. A blog that is optimized for the net increases engagement. With that being the case, you can only imagine what a video will do for your rank.

As discussed previously, users prefer video to text. When you create short vlogs, equivalent to a 500-word article, you are communicating on a different level with your audience. Film a dental procedure or create a vlog around your latest dental technology. Regardless of the topic, you can convert your blogs to vlogs.

Video Marketing Can’t Be Ignored

People process pictures and video quicker than text, and viewers who watch will usually buy. Both large and small businesses have seen a huge increase in engagement with live and pre-recorded video, with a consumer consumption growth of over 100 percent.

Back in 2015, Cisco predicted that video would account for about 80 percent of content on the net by the year 2019. The year has come and that prediction certainly seems to be unfolding. Remember, YouTube has well over a billion users.


Video encourages engagement. This is especially important in the dental world. Dentists aren’t usually at the top of the list when it comes to entertainment value.

When you incorporate video marketing into your overall campaign, you are humanizing your dental practice. Dental practices that use dental marketing have seen a huge increase in dental flow.

Get Started with Video Marketing

In conclusion, video marketing is the smart way to boost your online profile and your end of year earnings. From Q & A videos, explainer videos, how to videos and video testimonials, video marketing is the way of the future. Are you paving the way?

Ask Dentainment how you can incorporate a smart video marketing plan into your overall dental marketing strategy. It really will make a difference to your ROI.

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