11 Strategies for Dental Marketing 2017

It’s a New Year and that means new Strategies for Dental Marketing 2017, and if you have been scratching your head when it comes to marketing your dental practice, Dentainment has some dental marketing tactics that can help your online and offline presence.

2017 provides your dental practice with new ideas and new platforms that will help your dental practice grow.

Strategy One-Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the most exciting new platform for your practice. Try experimenting with Live Facebook Feeds from your dental practice. With weekly, monthly, or quarterly Live Feeds on Facebook, you can boost your online presence while optimizing and branding your practice. Having a live broadcast is a tremendous opportunity for you to expose your practice to your location and your demographic and must be included in your Strategies for Dental Marketing 2017.

Dentainment is having great success with Live Facebook Feeds. The Regular Wisdom Broadcast goes live every Wednesday from a large cosmetic dental practice with the viewership off the charts. Not only is it fun, but it allows you to engage with your patients in real time showing off your dental practice in a personal way. Some tips to include for your Facebook Live Feed include:

Planning-Plan your Live Feed before the event which will give you a chance to promote your Live Feed on social media, through newsletters and email blasts. Tell your patients ahead of time when you will be going Live on Facebook.

Production Value-Although cat and dog videos have millions of views, Your Facebook Live feeds need to look professional. Hire a tripod for your phone and make sure you shoot in a well-lit area using your video flash when necessary. Use a microphone to avoid audio that sounds like an echo or is muffled. You can find mobile phone camera kits on Amazon that will give you the tools you need to help you go live.

Wi-Fi-Your Wi-Fi connection is crucial when it comes to going live. If your feeds are consistently dropping out and going offline, your viewers won’t tune into your next live broadcast. Test your connection before you go live.

Get Personal-Leave the clinical jargon for the office and get personal with your patients. Talk about what you like to do away from the office. Have fun with it. Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your viewers giving them an up close and personal view of you and your dental practice.

Stay Live-Stay Live for about 20 to 30 minutes. New data shows a buildup of viewers as Facebook advertises your broadcast. You’ll get more comments, likes, and engagements when you broadcast for at least twenty minutes.

Description-Write a nice description. Tell your audience what your broadcast is about and don’t forget your call to action. Give your viewers the opportunity to ask questions so that you can engage with them. Engaging brings your broadcast to life taking it in a completely new direction.

Strategy Two-Instagram

Instagram is a tremendous platform owned by Facebook that allows you to engage with beautiful images. You can use so so pictures with Instagram frames that will look like a professional shot them. This platform is popular and a vital part of your online dental marketing plan. Instagram advertising is incredibly powerful and is something you may want to discuss with Dentainment

Strategy Three-Celebrate the Holidays

Celebrate holidays with your patients. This is a favorite of Dentainment and popular with the dental offices who work with Dentainment for dental marketing. Celebrate fun holiday’s right alongside of Christmas and Easter. Celebrate National Coffee Day by taking your team out for coffee. Take pictures of yourself having a Latte and post it on Facebook and Instagram. Tag the team and the coffee shop to let everyone know where you go for an espresso. Be clever and add a dental tip to the post.

National Pancake Day, National Pizza Day, and Make Up Your Own Holiday Day are just a few of the fun holidays that you can celebrate with your patients and your team.

Dentainment has put together a Fun Holidays Calendar and if you can email the month that you are watching the video that month will be sent to you.

So many fun holidays create a fun environment that is perfect for team building.

Strategy Four-Homepage Video

Homepage Video-Having a video on your home page will increase your conversion by 800 percent. It could be a tour of the office, it could be a compilation of testimonials, or you could talk about your services personalizing your dental practice.

You do not need to hire a crew to shoot your homepage video. Buy a mobile phone camera kit for the office, optimize it on YouTube and you will see an increase in your conversion rate.

2017 is the year of video.

Strategy 5-Check In

These days’ checking in is second nature. Encourage your patients to check in when they arrive for a dental appointment. The timeless dental marketing tip is the easiest way to get scalable word of mouth marketing. Patients can check in on Facebook, Yelp, or Foursquare.

Reward your patients for checking in and run contests for the best check in. Have them post pictures at check in and reward them with an oral health kit with your logo. Offer monthly special check in awards and give a free checkup to the cleverest check in post. Whatever it is the whole idea is to turn your patients into ambassadors for your practice. The more fun you have with them the more inclined they will be to share your posts and social media pages with others. Ask Dentainment about a check in sign for your practice. Just email your logo in high-resolution. If you don’t have a logo, Dentainment can create one for you to brand your dental practice. Put the sign in your reception area and watch your practice grow.

Strategy 6-Hashtags

Use Hashtags on all of your social media posts. It helps you be a part of the trends and be part of the conversation. Use bolder on every single post. #Cosmeticdentistry, #porcelainveneers, #complimentarydental checkup # Allonfourdentalimplants. Whatever it is that you want to be a part of use those Hashtags. It will aggregate your search results and boost your online social media presence.

Strategy 7-Facebook Advertising

Probably the biggest opportunity for dental marketing and an important Strategies for Dental Marketing to consider is Facebook Advertising.  These all important Strategies for Dental Marketing 2017 are not just for social media. If you use Facebook Advertising strategically it is game changing. Right now Dentainment is seeing tremendous results in video Facebook Advertising, uploading directly to Facebook while boosting and targeting to your demographic and location. Inside advertising executives at Facebook say that it will be all video advertising in a few years. Being ahead of the trends will help you become a seasoned professional when video advertising will become the norm. Dentainment can help you write targeted Facebook Advertising posts that will help build your practice and your brand. Figure out what conversion metric you want to use, and always track your ROI or Return on Investment. Make sure you use Google analytics, as finding what works and doesn’t work for your practice is one of the most important components of your dental marketing strategy.

Strategy-8 Support the Local Community

Supporting your local community is fun and one of the best ways to share your dental practice. Go out for lunch as a team; take a Yoga class down the street, shop locally. Support your local community and be thankful. Give them reviews on social media and shout their praises on Facebook and Twitter. Take a picture with the owner and post it. Go live and share the experience. Empower your team members to do the same. Give your team business cards with their name on them if they go out to lunch every day or take weekly trips together to the local Farmers Market.

Strategy-9 Answer the Phone with a Smile

The strategies that Dentainment shares are not just for online purposes. These strategies are regular basic techniques that are proven to work when it comes to dental marketing. Make sure that your talented dental staff is trained to answer the phone with a smile and greet each patient in a friendly manner. You want your staff to be happy. Encourage the team to interact with each other and with you to create a healthy workplace where everyone enjoys coming to work.

Strategy-10 Market your Cool Dental Technology

Market your dental technology is another important Strategies for Dental Marketing to remember. Take videos of your CEREC Restoration equipment to introduce same day dentistry to your patients. Boost and Target your dental technology with Facebook Advertising and you can reach thousands of people. A Dentainment client recently posted a singing CEREC machine receiving dozens of comments, hundreds of likes and hundreds of views. By optimizing the post on other social media sites, you will see an increase in your conversion rate. Remember to refrain from overselling your technology. You don’t want to look like a television commercial for Invisalign. Educate, inform and entertain people with content and then you will get the conversion. Tell the story of your practice and that’s where you’ll get the conversion rate.

Strategy-11 Roll Out the Red Carpet

This really is the most important tip for your dental practice and something to remember when it comes to Strategies for Dental Marketing. Make sure you roll out the red carpet for every single one of your patients. By doing so, your patients will become ambassadors for your dental practice and you will get scalable word of mouth marketing. Treat every patient like an A-lister. Treat your patients like celebrities and they will tell their family and friends. That is the key for scalable word of mouth marketing. When you do that, patient flow will happen right away.

If you would like more information regarding Strategies for Dental Marketing, or would like to order the Fun Holiday Calendar for this month, call or click and talk to a social media expert from Dentainment today.

Make 2017 the best year yet with social media marketing for dentists from Dentainment. Request a Proposal for Strategies for Dental Marketing 2017 today.

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