10 Email Newsletter Tips for Dental Practice Marketing

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It’s a fact that sending out a newsletter once a month is good for dental practice marketing. Monthly newsletters keep your dental practice fresh in the minds of your patients. Email newsletters are also an excellent way to engage and build trust with your email subscribers.

Below are some tips you can count on for dental practice marketing.  Just remember that Billions of email newsletters are sent every day, so make sure you bring tremendous creativity to this marketing initiative:


1. A Great Subject Line is Imperative

If you don’t write a subject line that compels subscribers to click for more information, you won’t get very many click throughs. Email fatigue is real and without a dynamic subject line, you will probably be sent to the junk folder. Be creative and remember, your newsletter is competing with hundreds of other emails.

Adding the word VIDEO in your subject line will increase open rates by 19%.  That’s awesome!  🙂

2. Be Short and Sweet

It’s the digital age with people spending less time reading. With so much information at their fingertips, attention spans are going by the wayside. Keep your articles short and to the point. Do your research and look for trending topics that will keep your subscribers interested.  Perhaps you want to delegate your copyrighting services to an experienced dental marketing agency.

3. Dental Marketing is about Readability

Your email newsletters must be readable and make sense. While you want to remain informative with your audience, you don’t want to bore them. Write concise copy that is fresh and new. Keep some white space in your email newsletter for dental practice marketing so that it doesn’t look cluttered.

5. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Email newsletters are an excellent way to earn trust and respect from your patients. When you add pictures to your dental marketing email newsletters, you are providing more information giving you and your dental practice value. Include copyright free images that help tell your monthly story.

5. Publish Your Newsletter on Your Website

Optimizing your content is imperative when it comes to dental marketing. When you integrate your email newsletter into your website, you are directing traffic to your website. It also adds another layer of content for patients and potential ones. The more traffic the better your search engine ranking.  Having the ability to repurpose content is an powerful way to improve your reach.

6. Dental Practice Marketing and Sharing

Social media is another great way to share your email newsletter for dental practice marketing. Make it easy to share and forward so patients can also share. Comments, likes, and shares stimulate referrals and can increase dental flow. Be sure to share your email newsletter on your favorite social sites for more interaction as well.

7. Print Email Newsletters for Dental Practice Marketing

Keep a few printed copies of your monthly dental newsletter at your reception desk. Also, send them via snail mail as well. Not everyone communicates via email or social media. Newsletters should be shared both online and offline for those that don’t have access to the World Wide Web.

8. Consistency is the Key for Email Newsletters

Email newsletters for dental practice marketing must be consistent and part of your overall marketing strategy. Sending out a newsletter every once in a while doesn’t work. If you want to build your subscriber base, keep to a monthly or bi-monthly schedule for email newsletters.

9. Credibility Builds Trust and Relationships

When it comes to dental care, all patients want what is best for their family and themselves. A dental practice newsletter shows your subscribers that you and your dental practice provide the best dental care possible with leading edge dental technology.

10. In the Minds of Your Patients

Email newsletters for dental practice marketing keep you and your team in front of your subscribers and your patients. When you send educational and relevant information once or twice a month, you are reminding them that you are here to help. Newsletters also keep patients loyal.

If you would like more information regarding email newsletters for dental practice marketing, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.