Social Media for Dentists

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  • The question is not should our dental office use social media, but rather how effectively are we going to use social media. Dentainment has brought our online success to an entirely new level.
  • We needed a solution for delegating our social media efforts, so we decided to give Dentainment a shot. This is been one of the best decision we've ever made! They help us get noticed in our crowded area and deliver engaging content on a daily basis. This is now a fun aspect of our office and all team members are on board. Exciting times!
  • Dentainment took our office from lame to amazing! The flow of Internet patients is now greater than ever, plus the demographic of patients has widened immensely. Kudos to them for being focused, skilled and creative in their approach. 
  • I have been working with Dentainment for the past two years and we have launched numerous marketing initiatives together. They have helped me with my overall strategy, social-media campaign, website design, and taking my practice to another level. They have innovative and creative solutions that improve my business. I am lucky to be working with them. 

Social Media for Dentists

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